Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010 ~ Alot of pictures!!!!

**Just now posting this! Here my computer shut off when I was posting this back in Dec. and I checked, but never found it! I thought it was lost! I was about 2 hrs worth of work. Went to post a something new and here it is!! **

Another Christmas has come and gone. Alot of special times together with family. Jenn, Justin and the boys came earlier than planned since Mom was not feeling up to par. Everyone else got there Wed and the Thurs. before Christmas. Christmas Eve we spent with the Slagenweit's. We had dinner and went down to the basement and opened gifts. This year we did it a little different. Instead of exchanging names, Mom had the idea to do stocking for the boys and baby S. this year. So we passed out the stockings then the gifts for and from Mom and Dad. It was really weird getting baby things that are really for us and our baby. But very cute! We got a temporal thermometer, booger wipes, rear view mirror, gas drops, rash cream, girl dress shoes, book, etc.
On Christmas Day we had dinner at our house. I think there was about 30 people here! We exchanged gifts with my immediate family before the extended family came. Again we got some baby stuff from my sister Jamie. Really cute! Stuffed giraffe, blankets, outfit, fleece blanket.
Bryce and David.
Uncle David, the jungle gym. :)
And the "throw me up!" guy!
David and the boys playing on Justin's IPAD.

Our cabinets "before trim."

Jay and David getting started!
Silly brothers.

Ta da!!!!!
Getting dinner ready at David's parents house Christmas Eve.
Passing out gifts.
Mom and Dad S.
Justin and the boys opening gifts.
Tonya and I opening gifts.

My Mom passing out gifts.
Baby stuff from Jamie. Brooke and Jimmy.
Her baby doll that giggles!

Blue eyes.....
We got her a savings bond.
She loved her pillow pal.
Read to me!!

All 7 of the nephews.

Jay, Tonya and the boys.
Tyler and Zach.