Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mystery flowers

Well, I arrived home from work today to find these pretty flowers on the porch! There was no note to say who they were from. I called my Gram, nope not her. Then David, nope not him. Then my Mom, nope not her either!! Okay, only one person left to call, Mom S. yep, it was her! Well, they dropped them off for us from Aunt MaryLou!! They are so pretty and springy! I was beginning to wonder who they were from. We went to my parents house for Easter dinner on Sunday and didn't get over to Uncle Dave's to see her! She always thoughtful!
Also, so far David has been smoke free for over a month now! YEAH!! I am so glad! Saves us money for the new house plus all the health benefits he will have. He stills gets a bit antsy at times, but he's getting through it. Chantix I would say that he would recommend, but it does have it's side effects. Nausea being the biggest thing. But in the long run, it's worth it!
Well, hope you had a very Blessed Easter!! Until next time!! Toodles!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More land shots...

Not such a great pic but, this is what we are going to be building!! (only reversed)
Same colors and everything. This is it!!

Me freezing to death!!
This will be our view from the front porch!!
Another view from road.
Rockpiles to show corners of house/garage.

Once again, here we are. Another week going fast. We are busy, busy! David and Dad S. took last Saturday to measure and layout where the house will sit. It took quite some time to do!! Turns out, when you actually measure it out the road angles quite a bit. So they had to place the house accordingly. I like where they put it. Still alot of rocks left behind for us to pick out. The guy we bought it from said they took 47 truckloads of rock and debris leftover from the barn!! We knew it would still have rocks left behind, can't really help it. They can only do so much!! We are lucky to have done what they did!! The rock piles that the stacked up will be the garage/house combo. I can envision better to physically see where it will be! Garage will be on the left, as you look at it straight on. We are going to price some cabinets, windows and doors this week. Also headed to the Amish to see about a dining table and hutch. We'll see. All I see is $$$!! I have off on Friday and David has to work:( It's a much needed break. As you can see from the photos, it seems to always be windy when we're there. Must come right down the hill over to us!! Nice in the summer, not so much in the winter!! Sorry this is all we seem to post, but this is all we're working on!!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not much to report

Hey everyone! Well, sadly there is not much new to report here in PA. Working lots of overtime. David and I both. We did pick out our new furniture for our new house. We didn't buy it yet, but soon. We now are thinking maybe we should build this year. We are so undecided! Probably early summer. I'm sure we will decide sometime!! LOL! Spring is just around the corner, birds have been chirping away! Well, this is short, but thought I would let everyone know we are still here, just not much going on! :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our little corner of the world

Greetings! Well, another snowy Pennsylvania morning! We've been getting allot of snow latley. I actually had this weekend off! David went out this morning and ran the snow blower while I tryed to clean the house. David also gave himself a haircut today. It was getting long. He looks like a new man! Then we got around and our friends Matt & Erin came over. They are also expecting a little one! We took them over to show them our land, so we took some pictures. They worked this week to remove the barn bridge and shale. Dad said the removed approx. 50 truckloads of debris! They excavated it to make it pretty level. It looks decent. It saved us some money by them doing it. Now it's completely ready to go and build on!! Then we went to late lunch at Applebee's then on to Williamsport to the Home Builder's Show at Lycoming College. We had a good time. Got allot of information and got to talk to a bunch of contractors. We'll be making allot of appointments this week for quotes! It seems to be coming together. Slowly, but surely.
David seems to still be doing GREAT on the Chantix. I am really impressed at how well he is doing!! Also, for those of you that know our friends Bryan & Alissa, they had their baby this week, a girl, Elizabeth Marie. Congrats!! Tootles for now!!