Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Well folks, another Christmas has come and gone! And it sure was a busy one! We had our Christmas with the Slagenweit's on Friday the 21st. And it was a houseful! Little boys to keep us all going! We had dinner and then Dad read us the Christmas story from The Bible, then we opened our gifts. Philip had my name and I got Bath and body works handsoap, and a JCPenney gift card, Tonya had David and he got a Lowe's gift card, a Chuck Colson book, and a baby rattle that had a note that said " Tag your it!!" Ha Ha, sooo funny. Tonya maybe should have been a comedian!! LOL!! We spent as much time with everyone while they were home. We love seeing the boys! Allan is so talkative and funny! Daniel is all boy! I don't think we were able to hold him even once! He's just to busy for that! Evan is so cute, those cheeks, you can just eat him up with a spoon!!! I wish they all lived closer, but we understand why they don't. I guess that just makes it even more special when they do come home!!
Christmas day is spent with my family. We went to my Mom and Dad's to exchange our gifts. Jesse had David and he got a Lowe's gift card, and Kristy had my name. I got a Carrie Underwood CD, 2 candles, a envirascape water relaxation waterfall. All very nice. Then everyone heads to my Gram's for a huge feast!! After all the dishes get done then we exchange gifts there too.
David and I exchanged our gifts first thing Christmas morning. I got him clothes, and a Steelers hat. He got me a Yankee Christmas wreath candle, a teddy bear, and a diamond heart necklace. Very beautiful. Overall this Christmas was very nice and so grateful to see everyone!!
The house plans are coming along, Dad S. has got it about down to the final draft. So, we shall be breaking ground in the spring as soon as we can!! Anyone who has any expertise feel free to lend a hand!!! =] Have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Walking in a winter wonderland

LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!! It's that time of year again! We received some snow today! Maybe we'll have a white Christmas after all! These are some pictures of the snow at our place. We got a snow blower from my Mom and Dad this time around. It's their old one, but hey it works! We LOVE it!! When David used it tonight for the first time, he was excited! Like a kid in a candy store! He told me he wanted to snow blow the entire yard! It didn't take him long to get us all plowed out! Although the borough probably already plowed our driveway shut. Then I started supper and thought he was putting the snow blower away, but I realized he didn't come in and I didn't hear him. So I looked out and he was out there building a snowman! It was so cute!! Then he wanted to knock it over! He got cleaned up and we ate supper, and I cleaned our bathroom. Tomorrow I need to get groceries AND finish up my Christmas shopping!! Wrapping and Christmas cards next week. I'm quickly running out of time!! Well, Jenn, Justin and Evan get here Saturday! We cannot wait to see them and meet our nephew! As they all start to have kids we wish they lived closer! Our kids need to grow up with their cousins!!=] Well, until next time....ta ta!!