Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

Hello! Well only one picture of the tree for now! All the others I took are blurry. More to come later! Well, only 15 days to Christmas, but only only a week until the family starts coming home! All the out-of-staters! Hope the winter storms hold off until they all get here!! These pictures are of out tree, David and I before his work Christmas party at the Temperance House.
It was a good time. He got a nice bonus of gift cards from work. The other ones are of my brother and his girlfriend Kristy before their Christmas party. They came over to have David tie his tie, and borrow his dress shoes. I never (besides our wedding) saw my brother in a shirt and tie!! Looked good!!
Well, we are still working on the final floor plans of the house, making minor alterations all the time! We CANNOT wait to build and get out of here!! I already started bringing home boxes to pack!! NOt to much else going on, not enough time!! I'm not quite done shopping yet, needless to say Christmas cards! So, be patient you'll get one eventually!! HaHa! Well, we hope to see you soon!! Happy Holidays!!!!!!

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Marianne Brown said...

Can't wait to see you...Love your place...maybe I can stop in this trip sometime. Lots of love!