Sunday, December 28, 2008

Inspection, Christmas and moving...

Well, I haven't had a chance to get on here and post because WE MOVED TO THE NEW HOUSE!!!! So, we passed our final inspection...round 2, on Christmas eve and the day after Christmas we starting moving. We officially live there but have a huge mess and alot of cleaning to do!! So, we won't be able to really post much or any pictures until we get our Internet hooked up, so bear with us!! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well, we failed inspection. Only on a few minor things. They need the outlet in the laundry room to be a GFI, they want a light right at the bottom of the basement stairs, and a light right at the top of the 2nd floor stairs. Now, you would have thought these would have been caught with the initial electrical inspection, but anyway that was all it failed for. So, David is fixing those tonight and it will be re-inspected tomorrow afternoon. So, as long as the work suits the inspector we should be getting our occupancy permit. So, we are hoping it passes tomorrow!!

Final inspection

Today is our final inspection!! If it passes we get our occupancy permit! Pray all goes well!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A few Christmas photos

My only Christmas/ winter decoration.

I like it!

This was so funny. Hailey took the pictures for us and had to walk in the mud and it stuck to her boots like crazy!

She's trying to scrape it off!!

These are a few pictures that my friend Hailey took for us. One of the ones of us in it will be our Christmas card pictures. Which will be sent out late. But they are coming!!

Flurry of activity

Well, lots of things going on this week. I guess our final inspection is on Tuesday. But the following pictures should about say it all. Some of the pictures don't show the color very well, but you get the idea!
This is what our toilets look like. (These are important!!) =]
Spare room #1 carpet w/closet doors on.
Room #1.
Spare room #2 closet doors and carpet. Room #1 & 2 carpet is the same.
Spare room #2.
Our closet. Not sure why it's blurry!
Shelving in the closets are up.
Our bedroom. Tan carpet. Again, not sure why this is blurry either!
Our bathroom.
Close up of our vanity top.
Guest bath.
Close up of vanity in guest bath.
Office. Green carpet.
Spindles up.
Still have some staining in place to do here.
Up the steps.
Living room with tan with brown and yellowish flecks.
Living room.
Counter top on. We still need to put up the molding around the top of the cabinets.
Close up!
My sink! Nice and deep one to!
David put up the pendant light, although this isn't the right shade, we have different ones to go with the pendant lights.
Fridge installed.
And speaking of flurry...we got some snow today!! I'm not ready for snow yet!! But it came anyway. We got around 6" and still more to come I guess! David snowblowed our driveway and the neighbor girls. Her husband works out of town and wasn't home and she has 2 small kids, so he got it done for her.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hold tight!

Hold tight everyone! We're really, super busy right now with tying up loose ends at the house! Lots of new things being done! Cabinets done. Countertop done. Flooring done. Spindles for stairs done, etc... It looks very different!! I'll post pics as soon as I get a chance!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dad's Buck

Here it is!! The big 8 point!
I got these pictures from my Dad's camera. This is the 8 point, 17 inch spread- buck Dad got on the first day. He shot it around 9:00am in Clinton Township, Lycoming County. He is so proud of this thing! I don't think he ever got one this big before. He said he's waited 39 years for this one! He took it to the Country Store to be processed. I submitted photos to PA Outdoor life and the Sun Gazzette, we'll see if they show the pictures!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cabinets & Lawyer appt.

This is from last night...for all you people in Florida!!
Well, do ya??
Hanging the 1st one!
David, Jimmy and Dad S. doing the uppers.
This side done!
Jimmy taking off doors!
Hold it boys!
Uppers done!
David, Dad S., and my Dad working on the base cabinets.
Me staining the stair stringers before carpet comes.
Done, still needs poly.
Pantry and where the fridge will go.
DONE!!!! Just needs a few doors put on. Hickory wood is super hardwood and we twisted off some screw heads.
Just need counter tops!
Looking towards dining room.
Cabinets done in our bathroom. They gave us some problems, but their in!!
Well, last night and today the cabinets were installed. All but the guest bathroom. We ran out of time! Dad S., David and my Dad worked on cabinets, while I painted the rest of the doors with the first coat of paint, then stained the stringers on the steps. My Mom came and broke down boxes and cleaned up and swept the floor and cabinets out.
Yesterday we had taken off work to go talk to our Attorney to see what all we can do with this whole building mess. We brought up all the problems, things not being done right, water issues, time problems...Everything....and basically what he told us is that because we have signed the draw checks and change orders we accepted the work the way it is. There really is nothing we can do now. He said we should sit them down and tell them the specific things that still need done and fixed, and if we run out of time with the bank, that we'll put up the over $4000.00, but that we will be suing them for that money then. We are not to sign the next check until things are the way we want them. Our deadline with the bank is on Christmas day. So, I guess we'll see. Seeing as though they are never there, it won't be done by then. So, that's about the long and short of what he told us. We are just SO READY to be done of all of this mess, and be done with them. And we will be writing a letter to the Better Bussiness Bureau, the newspaper and telling everyone we know...DO NOT EVER HIRE SUSQUEHANNA BUILDERS or JASON HARRIS MASONRY AND CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Spread the word, we are!!!