Sunday, December 7, 2008

Josh, Melody & Deonna visit!!

This is from last Sunday. Josh, Mel and Deonna came over to watch the Steelers game. Josh got back from Afganistan about 3 weeks now. He brought his laptop and showed us several videos and pictures from the war over there. I always had alot of honor and respect for our soldiers, but I have even more now. I was horrified at some of what he showed us. It's no wonder they come back and have some problems. Without them though I know that stuff would more than likely be here in the States. I am Thankful for what they do, and what they sacrifice. It was some hard, crazy things they saw while they were over there, and we're glad they are all back safe and sound. Again, Thank you to all our soldiers!!!!
Mel had also come over with Deonna. She was a preemie when she was born. She was born Sept. 12, and was due Nov. 24th!! She's 3 months old already!! She was 3lbs then and now she's almost 8lbs.!! She's really cute and cuddly!! She moans and groans alot, not sure why. I told Mel that's the Mexican in her!! She also stretches and moves alot, so I guess that means she's growing! But she's cute. It's weird having Mel come over and she has a kid! She's really grown up alot, and she's a good, loving Mother. It comes 2nd nature to her it seems. It was really nice to see them and catch up!!
Me holding Deonna.
She really stretches and moves alot!!
So cute! I got her that outfit!!
This is a good picture!!
Mel, Me & Deonna and Josh.
The pacifier is as big as she is!!
Mel made David hold her, he didn't want to because she is so little, but he was fine!!
He moved her around to talk to her!
Enough pictures already!!
Watching videos from war in Afganistan.
Josh telling us stories.

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Kara Plank said...

Great pics! I think David looks like a natural!