Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cabinets & Lawyer appt.

This is from last night...for all you people in Florida!!
Well, do ya??
Hanging the 1st one!
David, Jimmy and Dad S. doing the uppers.
This side done!
Jimmy taking off doors!
Hold it boys!
Uppers done!
David, Dad S., and my Dad working on the base cabinets.
Me staining the stair stringers before carpet comes.
Done, still needs poly.
Pantry and where the fridge will go.
DONE!!!! Just needs a few doors put on. Hickory wood is super hardwood and we twisted off some screw heads.
Just need counter tops!
Looking towards dining room.
Cabinets done in our bathroom. They gave us some problems, but their in!!
Well, last night and today the cabinets were installed. All but the guest bathroom. We ran out of time! Dad S., David and my Dad worked on cabinets, while I painted the rest of the doors with the first coat of paint, then stained the stringers on the steps. My Mom came and broke down boxes and cleaned up and swept the floor and cabinets out.
Yesterday we had taken off work to go talk to our Attorney to see what all we can do with this whole building mess. We brought up all the problems, things not being done right, water issues, time problems...Everything....and basically what he told us is that because we have signed the draw checks and change orders we accepted the work the way it is. There really is nothing we can do now. He said we should sit them down and tell them the specific things that still need done and fixed, and if we run out of time with the bank, that we'll put up the over $4000.00, but that we will be suing them for that money then. We are not to sign the next check until things are the way we want them. Our deadline with the bank is on Christmas day. So, I guess we'll see. Seeing as though they are never there, it won't be done by then. So, that's about the long and short of what he told us. We are just SO READY to be done of all of this mess, and be done with them. And we will be writing a letter to the Better Bussiness Bureau, the newspaper and telling everyone we know...DO NOT EVER HIRE SUSQUEHANNA BUILDERS or JASON HARRIS MASONRY AND CONSTRUCTION!!!!! Spread the word, we are!!!

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