Friday, December 19, 2008

Flurry of activity

Well, lots of things going on this week. I guess our final inspection is on Tuesday. But the following pictures should about say it all. Some of the pictures don't show the color very well, but you get the idea!
This is what our toilets look like. (These are important!!) =]
Spare room #1 carpet w/closet doors on.
Room #1.
Spare room #2 closet doors and carpet. Room #1 & 2 carpet is the same.
Spare room #2.
Our closet. Not sure why it's blurry!
Shelving in the closets are up.
Our bedroom. Tan carpet. Again, not sure why this is blurry either!
Our bathroom.
Close up of our vanity top.
Guest bath.
Close up of vanity in guest bath.
Office. Green carpet.
Spindles up.
Still have some staining in place to do here.
Up the steps.
Living room with tan with brown and yellowish flecks.
Living room.
Counter top on. We still need to put up the molding around the top of the cabinets.
Close up!
My sink! Nice and deep one to!
David put up the pendant light, although this isn't the right shade, we have different ones to go with the pendant lights.
Fridge installed.
And speaking of flurry...we got some snow today!! I'm not ready for snow yet!! But it came anyway. We got around 6" and still more to come I guess! David snowblowed our driveway and the neighbor girls. Her husband works out of town and wasn't home and she has 2 small kids, so he got it done for her.


Joy said...

It's looking great! So happy for you, but a little jealous, too :) LOL

Faithe said...

Whoa!! It's really coming right along. Maybe you WILL get moved in by Christmas after all. Lookin' real GOOD!!! I'm sure you are REALLY gettin' anxious now to be in. See you in a week.