Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happenings at the house

David and Dad S. switching the door around.
They had the 3 downstairs opening the wrong way and since we can't ever seem to get them there to work, they did it.
OSHA approved him cutting that! (Yeah right!)
Our Dining room chandelier.
Kitchen fan light.
Living room fan.
Hallway, laundry room lights.
Office fan light.
Our bedroom fan light.
2 spare bedrooms fan lights.
Trim going up inside the windows.
I've been staining & polying the door jams.
Close up.
Dropped off the toilets and hot water heater.
Dropped off the flooring.
Painting doors.
I was SO TIRED!!!! I look thrilled here!
Final inspection! I couldn't see very good, so I used a flashlight to double check if I was getting it all.
Some of the doors I started to paint. Lying to dry.
Some of the tidbits of things we stained and polyed. The spindles and posts for the stairs.
Well, here is what's been going on. Staining, polying and more lighting fixtures going up,and painting doors. The flooring was dropped off and will be started tomorrow. The toilets and hot water heater were also dropped off and soon started soon. Cabinets will be coming Thursday. Friday we have an appointment with our lawyer, so hopefully we will be able to get what we want to go after them for. More pictures to come this week. With the flooring going down and trim going up it's going to be looking even better!!

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