Thursday, June 26, 2008

Their here!!!!

Justin, Jenn and Evan. (Look here Evan!)
Evan chowing down a garlic breadstick.

Evan eating his first popscicle. Yum!
Evan's birthday cake.
Evan opening his gifts. (Or eating them!)
Jay, Tonya and Tyler. ( Nice picture!!)
Our first time meeting Tyler!
Tyler, wide awake!
Okay, back to sleeping!!!
Me holding Evan.

Evan's first birthday party.

Hello people! As you can see we had alot going on this week. Jay, Tonya and baby Tyler came up from Florida on Sat. This was our first time meeting him. He's so cute and content. The boy loves to eat, eat, eat!! It was nice to see them, and spend quite a bit of time with them while they were here. They left today to head back. Sad to see them go. It's so fun when we all can get together! Justin, Jenn and Evan got in Sunday. We have been over to Mom and Dad S's every night this week so far! We celebrated Evan's first birthday on his actual birthday on the 24th. I think he enjoyed it. He messed in his cake. It was really funny!! All we were missing was Marianne and her gang! We went to the Purple cow and got ice cream after his party, it was delicious! Wednesday we FINALLY closed on the house stuff and started our mortgauge. They are to break ground the July 7th. Can't wait!! Then we went to the Farmer's market and then we all went to Country Cupboard for supper. It was good. We were stuffed!! Tonight we are just gonna stay home and chill out. Had to go get groceries, now we're just relaxing. I have been so tired! I haven't been sleeping very good. On top of that, we've been getting home later. So I want to get to bed early tonight!! Tomorrow we are to help Hailey move. Family reunion on Sat. so I'll be posting that later!! Ta Ta for now!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Howdy do? Just putting up this quick post. David's family is coming in from Florida and will be here by tomorrow. I will be posting pictures definitely! Yeah! Can't wait until they get here!! Well, here's the scoop. We finally go to closing this Wed. The excavator officially will break ground the first week of July. We really wanted to do that sooner, but found out very quickly that you are at the mercy of everyone else, ex. the bank, the attorney, the contractors. Ahhh... Anyway that's the scoop! Not to much else to report other than we are both working some crazy overtime again! It's good I guess, we definitely need the extra cash!! $$$ Will be posting pics soon!!!! ;)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Hope if your a Father, you had a good one! We just wanted to say a little something about our Dad's. They have always been there to listen and guide us to do the right thing. Especially with all this house building process they have really helped us out greatly. We have no idea what we are doing and they have helped us along the way. They have showed us how to raise a successful family, the importance of family, to be the leader of the household. I know David and I both weren't easy kids to raise. And we tested them at times, ( especially the teenage years!) but it all worked out when we finally realized they did what they did for a reason. That they did those things to protect us from harm's way. So, we'd like to say Thank you for being patient! Your example has lead us to the young "adults" we are today! Happy Father's Day!!!! We love you both!

Friday, June 13, 2008

I wish I were there in Florida...

The Slagenweit family! Jay, Tonya and Tyler!!
Tyler just chillin'!

Jenn and Tyler.
I "borrowed" these pictures from my sister in law, Jenn's blog. These are of the newest member of the family, Tyler. He is so cute! We get to meet him soon! And we can't wait. It's so hard to be so far away from everyone, especially now that they all have kids. It makes the time we do get to spend together even more special. I love that we get pictures on our phones and these blogs to keep up!
We were invited Sunday to go to Church with our friends, Eli & April. They are having their baby girl, Rebecca Addison dedicated. That's exciting! Then it will be off to see our Dads! We haven't got to meet their little girl yet, so we're excited!! Everyone is having all these babies! I feel like it may be in the water! Marianne (David's sister) will be having a boy before long, Joy (David's cousin) will be having a boy soon, Erin (Our friend) will be having a boy soon! What's with all the boys?
*** We are gearing up to go to closing on our home loan soon. Looking to do that on the 25th. The excavator is scheduled to start the first week of July. Later than we hoped, but not to much we can do about it. So it will soon be underway. We can't wait until we get the loan stuff set up. It's so confusing and frustrating. I feel dumb! I feel like I ask a million questions and alot are the same ones over and over! But, we need to make sure we understand what's going on. Not that we think once we start building it will get any less stressful, but this banking stuff is crazy!! So that is where we are with that.***
Also, a prayer request! My sister, Tonya, has had these "spells" for the past 4 years. They have pushed it off as food allergies. Then they thought it had to do with her mentrual cycle, and her hormones, so they put her on birth control. This helped for awhile, but then they were back. She gets severe abdominal cramping, headaches, diarrea, vomiting, hives, etc... Very bad, and very scary. She has had to go the hospital a bunch of times and had to miss alot of work. She gives herself the epi pen and it brings her out of it. Well, anyhow. She finally went to another doctor this week and they feel maybe it has something to do with her eggs going into the fallopian tube and getting sifted???(Not sure if this is EXACTLY how it was worded! They told her about them being sifted???) But they are not sure, so he is sending her to Hershey Medical Center to see a specialist. He also told her to stop using the epi pen or she will get immune and they won't work when she really needs them. Right now she uses them 1-2 times a month at least. They told her if this is the problem if she were to get pregnant right now these "spells" would be 100 times worse. So, to make a long story short, could you please pray for them to figure out what is going on!!! God it the only one who can truly help!!! And I pray that he touches her. It is very scary for the whole family! Thank you!! :)

I just thought I would add this picture! I think it's hilarious! This is Evan, my best friend Hailey's 2 yr. old son. Poor kid! What they have to endure sometimes for our amusement!! LOL!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Hi all! Well, we're sweating to death here in PA.! It has been so hot and humid that past few days, and the week to come! Yuck! If I want weather like this I would live in Florida!! :) But, anyhow thank goodness for air conditioning!!! Well, the few things to update are: we got our prints off the to the builders last week, we got our papers from the bank, called the lawyer, etc... We have alot to get around to send to the bank yet. We should be going to closing in a couple of weeks. We asked the builder how soon they could start after closing, and they said they could start right away!! So, that's good. Maybe when the family is in, in a couple of weeks they could start while their still here! Can't wait till they get here!! Anyway, that's where we stand with this mess! :) Try to keep cool!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My flowers!

Here are a few pictures of my flowers for the year. I didn't plant to many since alot of our time this summer will be spent on the house. So I wanted to get the pictures before I end up forgetting to water them and they croak! Ha! The hanging baskets are wave petunias and they are doing great! The one looks blue, but it's deep purple. I don't know why it turned out like that. Also, we got a call today and our loan got approved, so now we just have to wait for the papers to come and sign and call the lawyer to set up a closing date. Shouldn't be long now!!! That's all I know for now!!! * Toodles *