Monday, June 9, 2008


Hi all! Well, we're sweating to death here in PA.! It has been so hot and humid that past few days, and the week to come! Yuck! If I want weather like this I would live in Florida!! :) But, anyhow thank goodness for air conditioning!!! Well, the few things to update are: we got our prints off the to the builders last week, we got our papers from the bank, called the lawyer, etc... We have alot to get around to send to the bank yet. We should be going to closing in a couple of weeks. We asked the builder how soon they could start after closing, and they said they could start right away!! So, that's good. Maybe when the family is in, in a couple of weeks they could start while their still here! Can't wait till they get here!! Anyway, that's where we stand with this mess! :) Try to keep cool!!

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Noah and Heather said...

You can come out to TX. It is very hot, but there is usually a breeze and low humidity.
Have fun with the house. I am sure that it is stressful, but exciting!