Sunday, September 19, 2010

9/11 Memorial Ride

Every year they have a 9/11 Memorial motorcycle ride. Since this year it fell on a Sat. it was an all day event. The Clinton Township Fire Hall (where our reception was) hosted it. My brother rides in it every year and we saw our neighbor in it too! There ended up being 3,862 motorcycles in it and it lasted 47 minutes!! It always makes David and I want one!! LOL.
(Men) Trying to figure out how to hang the Flag. Quite an ordeal. LOL!!
Here they come!!
Alot were pointing to the Flag or saluting it as they passed by it.
Jimmy & Nicole! I can never have my camera ready in time!!

I took this! My Dad and I.
I took this to of Jamie and I.

New Freezer

Our new 15 cu. ft. chest freezer. We haven't even plugged it in and used it yet! Ha! We want to paint the steps first so we don't bring up dusty, dirty footprints from the basement since it's not finished yet.

4 movable drawers.

Odds ~n~ ends around the house

Some some updated pictures of what David got accomplished around here this Summer.
My real sunflowers I had got at an Amish store where I got my mums.
Summer flowers gone. Time for Fall decorations and mums. Pumpkins will have to wait a little longer.

These roses and butterfly bush really took off this Summer!
So colorful.
Butterfly bush.
Verbenum and some other things here (don't remember the names) took off too! The yard really looks bad this year. We had some dead spots through the Summer and some of it still looks rough. We don't know what happened!


Here are some new ones of my niece Brooke. She's 4 1/2 months old already!!

My brother Jimmy and Brooke.

Jay,Tonya & the boys visit

At the beginning of this month Jay, Tonya and the boys came up from Florida to visit! We got a chance to spend some quality time with them. Even took a night to go mini golfing with them at Hoopla's. It's always nice when David's brother and sister's get a chance to come back home to visit his parents, because we to get to spend one on one time with them! :) Now we'll have to wait until Christmas!!

Tyler enjoying some of Jay's birthday ice cream cake!
David holding Zachary.
Zach sleeping on me.
Playing in the basement.
Playing again! It's all this kid does! He is very active!
Zach wide awake!
He was telling me "more Tyler." LOL!!!