Thursday, April 24, 2008

My first craft class

Well, Wednesday night was my first craft class at the Ben Franklin store. My sister, Jamie has gone a few times and I wanted to give it a try. So, this is what I made! I really like it! The top two pictures are of the front and the last one is the back. We had a good time we laughed the whole time! We have another class next Wednesday and we're making a country star thing. I'll put pictures up of that next week.
In other news, we met with a person to draw up our sewage design plan this week. Our contractor is getting the permits and we will be signing the contract next Thursday!!! It's all coming together! We are waiting on a return phone call from the architect yet. We are so nervous and excited!!!!! So that is where we stand currently. We'll keep everyone updated!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A very productive weekend

Well, David and I had a very productive weekend. I actually had off work the WHOLE weekend!! I had a list of things to do a mile long. We picked big rocks out and put them in piles at the land. I want to save them for around our future flower beds. They are pretty big, so it was a job. I left most of that work to David and I used a magnet to pick up hundreds and hundreds of nails. There was a spot where they did some burning and there are tons of nails I didn't even begin to get them all! Then we just sat in the grass and took it all in. It was a beautiful day and we just sat there and relaxed and took in "our" scenary. Dad S. mowed our grass at the back of the lot and it's actually really nice grass. To bad they are going to have to dig most of it up. We also washed both cars and srubbed the porch down and all the things on it. Really looks nice.
This week we have to track down the sewage enforcement officer and get someone to draw up a sewage design plan. Plus we need to have an architecht redraw some of our home plans up. The contractor said the ones we have leave something to be desired, so I guess we'll have them redone. Another cost!! But those seem to be happening all the time!! :(
Today, since Mom and Dad S. are out in Kentucky, I had to make Sunday dinner! We had pork chops on the grill, baked potatoes, peas, noodles and shall we say "extra crispy" bisquits. (I forgot to set the timer.) It was delish!! And we did eat the crispy bisquits!! LOL!!

Well, that's all I know for now!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

We have a contractor!!

Well, we just made the call to accept our builder. Jason Harris Masonry Building Contractor, out of Muncy. He is a friend of a friend, and find him to be less money than the others and a quality builder! We have alot of ducks to get in a row, so I'll probably be nuts soon! This is exciting and scary!!! I think I'm going to be sick!! LOL!! Well, continue to pray for wisdom in making the right decsions and lead us diligently!! It's going to be a long road!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie & Allan!

Hello! Happy Birthday today to my sister, Jamie and our nephew, Allan!! Yesterday we had a birthday party/picnic for Jamie's birthday at my Mom and Dad's house. We had alot of good food, and we made homemade chocolate ice cream. It was fun! It was Mom, Dad, Pap, Jimmy, Jesse, Jamie, David, me, and her friend's, Ambra and Donnie and their 2 week old baby girl, Chloe! She was SO cute! She looks like a doll! She slept the whole time! I got my turn to hold her! Really makes me want one! Although David is getting on a puppy kick! She's just so tiny and cute! David would not hold her of course, he doesn't want to "break her"! Fraidy cat! But it was fun, and it was nice out. Spring is here. ( I think.)
We also met with the other contractor today to get back our quote. He is our age and is currently building his own house now so we got to see his work. Nice job. We also REALLY liked the other one to and didn't know what we would do. They also work on jobs together. So we didn't want to cause waves. Well, the one told the other one( don't want to mention any names yet!!) so whoever we go with they both will end up having a hand in it which is really nice! We seem to trust both. And we found out tonight that it is a $39,000.00 difference between the two!! Granted one is letting us do a few more things ourselves than the other, but nice!! So in a few days we will make the call!! I think we already know who we are going with. Just need to hash it out a bit more to be sure!! So help us pray that we make the right choice!! It's a very exciting and scary time right now. Money is going to be flying out of here!! eeek!!
Oh yeah- we also sold the ol' truck Sat. Ol' gal is outta here! A guy came and knocked on the door and asked if the truck was for sale and David said YES!! Although we didn't have a for sale sign even on it. He offered us $400.00 and we said SOLD!! Get it out of here!! It was worth more, but it needs work and was now out of inspection. So anyway the eyesore is gone! Well until next time! Ta Ta!!

He is not right!!
Jamie holding Chloe!
Mom feeding Chloe!
Daphne soaking up the sun!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shopping spree anyone?

Well, we are so excited to show you all our new furniture we ordered we can't wait until we get the house built to show you! We had pretty much knew what we wanted because we had looked quite a bit. We decided to order it now so we can start paying it down, plus the couch and love seat were on sale until the end of the month! So it made sense to us. We were at a local furniture store, Gary's furniture, which we found has excellent customer service and better and quality stuff! So we went Sat. between my working odd hours, and took a few hours to make a final decisions on what we wanted to do and make sure we're getting the best bang for our buck! We wanted quality furniture that will hold up to our future children. So, hours later and sitting on about every single chair 2 or 3 times we ordered everything. It will take 6 to 8 weeks to come in and they are going to hold it for us until we are ready, even knowing we haven't broke ground yet! Plus, they said they really appreciated our business! I don't know about you, but that means something to me that they even took the time to say it! It's rare these days!!
I had snuck my camera in to take pictures!! Anyhow, we ended up with a couch, love seat, rocker recliner chair, 3 bar stools, kitchen table-including 6 chairs and 2 self storing leaves- and a hutch!! It sure came with a nice price tag too, but worth it!! We got the bar stools to match the chairs, I didn't get a picture of that but you get the idea! The chair we ordered in a different fabric called khaki. The hutch is so cool! The hinge on the outside of it turns the light on the inside which cycles 3 lights (low, med, high) I am getting very excited! We were going to have them made by the Amish but after MUCH discussion decided to go with this! I LOVE it! It's country, my style!!!
Anyway, besides that we are looking to have a contractor either the end of this week or next to get the ball rolling! Probably June or July we'll break ground. I was working MEGA overtime still which is great money, but exhausting!! We were told today that we will not be working Sundays and only 9 hours through the week because we are so tired they don't feel we are being productive. Some days I agree!! It's just becoming to much. You never have time for anything, can never make plans, so hopefully they will be able to stick to this!! Well, today being April fool's day no jokes here were played!! But the old saying April showers, bring May flowers is holding true, as we speak it's raining!!
Something else I am excited about is that my sister and I signed up to do some craft classes at Ben Franklin! She has been doing them and I have wanted to just never did. We went to look at April's crafts they have made up to look at, and picked 2 we liked! So, April 23, and 30 Wed. nights we are going to craft class! I will post the finished products! Well, enough of my rambling! Have a good week!! Check out our pictures, tell me what you think!! :)

Not leather! Actually cloth! Cool! Both ends recline, as well as the love seat.
Rocker recliner.
In this fabric, khaki.

Can hold my Phaltzgraph dishes. (probably misspelled!!)