Saturday, August 4, 2007

Long time no update!

Let me start by saying these pictures are a bit overdue! I guess if we had children we would update this more. In the meantime, until then, these are pictures we took here of the fireworks. I think they turned out pretty neat! Our new digital camera is very cool.
Well, since our last post alot has happened. First, we are training to get our State License to work with the company, Primerica. It's a Finacial Services Company. We were clients at first and they helped us so, we saw the oppertunity to not only help families become protected and become debt free, but we decided to try to do it part time. We have to go train to learn it, then go to Harrisburg to take our test to become licensed. So, keep your fingers crossed!
Also, David got a new job!!! Yeah! He is so excited! Air conditioned desk job taking calls to help people fix the electrical problem, then one week out of the month working in their shop on the machines himself. He starts on Aug. 13th.
I've also been lucky enough to get back in contact with a few people from high school. it's so neat to see where my old friends are at today. Well, signing off for now! Try to keep up better!