Sunday, April 18, 2010

Amish auction buys!

Yesterday we headed out to the Amish Consignment Auction in Danville. I have heard lots of people talk about it, but we had never gone. Well, there are about 8-10 auctioneers going at one time all auctioning off different things. Well, they also have people that bring things in from nursery's and sell. So, we went Friday evening to look at what they had for sale. At 8:00am we were there and ready. And we were definitely not prepared for the weather! We didn't bundle up very well! It was about 48-50 degrees, cloudy and windy the whole time! We FROZE, and ended up with windburn! But we stuck it out for 10 hours standing in that to get alot of things we need to get started to landscape. We didn't intend on staying that long but they took that long to sell all the stuff! We ended up getting alot of stuff and for great prices!! If we would have gone to nurseries for this stuff we would have paid alot more money! They have these auctions in September to, so we'll be going to that one too! We are addicted now! We now have a better idea of how it works. And in the Fall we were told things go cheaper. (woo, hoo!) So, I'm sure we'll have more things we want to get then.
Here's what we got:
3 Japanese Maple Trees
1 October Glory Red Maple Tree
2 Dark Purple Lilac Bushes
3 Oriental Spruce Trees
3 Arborvitae Trees
4 Gold Thread Cypress
4 Barberry shrubs
6 Boxwood shrubs
2 Forsythia bushes
3 Burning bushes
All that for under $500.00!!!!!!!

Whole truckload full!

The loot!

3 Japanese Maples, 2 purple lilac bushes.
1 October Glory Red Maple, 3 Oriental Spruce.
Oriental Spruce close up.
3 Arborvitaes.
4 Gold thread Cypress, 4 Barberry.
3 Burning bushes.
6 Boxwood.
2 Forsythia.
Some little Maple trees David's friend Kevin gave us last Summer that we planted in here. They have got really big already!

Jenn & the boys visit

Thursday Jenn and the boys made their way to PA while Justin went to visit his Dad in Las Vegas. These are some pictures of their visit so far. Evan is really talking alot since last Thanksgiving when they were home! And Bryce is getting so big and crawling around everywhere!
Bryce chewing David's hat.
Evan doing his famous "flap" while Pappy holds the helicopter and he spins the blades.
David playing with Bryce.
Need to get around for a bath!
Chewing on Uncle David's string.
Evan playing.
Showing off his "Window Mack" truck.
Chewing on hangers.
Evan, David's Dad, David, Bryce.
What's all that hair on your face Uncle David?
What's in here??
Look at that grin!
David's mom, David's Dad, Bryce & Evan.

David's Mom, David's Dad David's sister-Jenn, Bryce & Evan.
David, Me, Jenn, Bryce and Evan.
Me and Bryce.
David and I.
Evan actually took this picture!
Playing in the basement.
Putting the balls in the holes.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring has sprung, now it's time to get things done!

Spring has arrived and it's been very nice and warm here. So time to get to work!! We have alot to get accomplished this Summer. This past weekend we both had off for Good Friday so we took a trip to Lowe's and soon got started. David went and borrowed the Bobcat from work to fill in behind the retaining wall and move the dirt pile around to the bare spots. It looks so much better!! Now we need to plant grass seed in the yard where he spread, and hopefully soon we can start landscaping! We intend on putting a garden where the dirt pile had been, and need to also get that underway soon! I washed my car inside and out, it was filthy! And hosed the porch off to get ready for Summer and flowers! :) I wanted to hang my laundry out but, the farmer's around here decided it was time to spread liquid manure, so the electric dryer it was! David also brought a tamper home from work to tamp down where he filled in behind the wall, so we also roughed up the driveway and tamped the stones down too.
While at Lowe's we got stuff to get started on the process of finishing the basement. Dry locking will be the first of many things to do down there. We will start that probably this week/weekend. Our goal is to first get a sidewalk done out front. Get the landscaping underway, then work on the basement in the hotter months of the Summer. We are planning on hitting up a Amish auction on April 17th in Danville. I guess it's 8 auctioneers going at once, but they sell shrubs, trees, flowers, outdoor furniture, that sort of thing. We're hoping we can get good prices on things we want to landscape with. So, here are some pics of what we did this past weekend!
Before he got started.

A Spring flower arrangement I made up for the Kitchen.
David getting started.
Filling in and Dad S. helping.
Looks better already!
Don't knock him off there David! :)
And shiny and clean!!
Hosed off the porch. We're gonna powerwash it hopefully soon too.
Tamping down the fill.
Getting cleaned up!
Filling in the bare spots with topsoil. (Topsoil that we ended up scooping up with the rock rake last Summer, we didn't want to get rid of it! We paid good money for that! ;)
All done! Looks nice!!
LOL!!! David always tells me not to be a nosey neighbor, so since Dad S. was out working in the garden I zoomed in and took this! That's for you David!! :)
Hmmmm....who is that up there?? :)
Tamping down the stone after he roughed it up with the bobcat.
I had to try it out! (I had work clothes on, not looking to good here!)