Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jenn & the boys visit

Thursday Jenn and the boys made their way to PA while Justin went to visit his Dad in Las Vegas. These are some pictures of their visit so far. Evan is really talking alot since last Thanksgiving when they were home! And Bryce is getting so big and crawling around everywhere!
Bryce chewing David's hat.
Evan doing his famous "flap" while Pappy holds the helicopter and he spins the blades.
David playing with Bryce.
Need to get around for a bath!
Chewing on Uncle David's string.
Evan playing.
Showing off his "Window Mack" truck.
Chewing on hangers.
Evan, David's Dad, David, Bryce.
What's all that hair on your face Uncle David?
What's in here??
Look at that grin!
David's mom, David's Dad, Bryce & Evan.

David's Mom, David's Dad David's sister-Jenn, Bryce & Evan.
David, Me, Jenn, Bryce and Evan.
Me and Bryce.
David and I.
Evan actually took this picture!
Playing in the basement.
Putting the balls in the holes.

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