Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nicole's baby shower!

On March 27th, I (along with my Mom, and my sisters and Nicole's Mom) threw Nicole a baby shower here at my house. Nicole is my brother's girlfriend and is pregnant with my niece, Brooke! The 27th was also my Mom's birthday. I did take some pictures of her opening a couple gifts from us, but I ended up not posting them. But here are the pics from the shower. We had 27 people in here altogether. They got ALOT of stuff!! I said that I hope people are that generous when we have a baby!! My dining room was filled! Plus with them knowing they are having a girl, the clothes and girl stuff is so cute!! The little shoes and dresses!! :) It was work, but it was nice and it was fun.

Some of the decorations.
Tried to set everyone up in somewhat of a circle.
The cake table.
Nicole and her friend Jamie.
Just SOME of the gifts. This was taken early on.
Getting started!
Guests. (From left to right...her sister Michelle, her Aunt, her friend Coral, her Mom, and here in the front is another Aunt)
Tried to squeeze everyone in! :/
Got a high chair!
A handmade blanket her Grandmother made before she passed away. :(
A card her sister made.
Pooh bank.
Pooh lamp. Notice a theme?
Pooh bouncer.
A handmade blanket my Aunt got her.
Little jean dress.
Little dress shoes.
One of the things her Mom got her. She hung all the clothes on a clothesline and they held it up.
Me and David's gift!! Can you tell I like getting baby stuff?? I also got wooden letters to spell out her name "BROOKE" and painted them pink and white and going to hang them with satin ribbon for the nursery, but when David was attaching the brackets he broke the "K" so I had to get another one and paint it, I still have to get it to them!!
Little Croc shoes I got her!!
Little outfit my sister Tonya got her, along with books!
Part of the gift my other sister Jamie got. She's worse than me about buying!

Some more outfits!!
Eating time! We had a meal after the shower. We had Bar-b-que, mac-n-cheese, pasta salad, peanuts, chips, pretzels, homemade candies, peanut butter fingers, 5 Alive punch.
Cutting the cake.

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