Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amish Auction Buys

Yesterday was the Beaver Run Consignment Auction.  I love going there! It's 8-10 auctions going on at one time. It's craziness.  But David and Dad S. stayed over by the landscaping stuff, I stayed over at the country furniture and decor.  And my best friend, Erin watched Little Miss Kaylynn.  I got my pie safe pretty much as soon as I stood there! I love auctions.  They are so fun, but you must be careful.  As you can fall into the trap of bid wars and bid it higher than you want to really pay just to "win" it.  As I did this time with the bookshelf.  But, it is solid wood and will last us forever vs. something bought at Target or Walmart.  (that's what I keep telling myself)  I had waited all day it seemed for them to start auctioning some bookshelf's.  I was hot and burning to a crisp.  Plus rain was on it's way.  Also, David had come over earlier and said, "I bought stuff."  He got 2 Red Sunset Maple trees.  I also got something for my nephews, but THOUGHT it was made out of wood.  Turns out it's not, but I think they will still play with it.  So, as soon as I got this we called it a day, and paid the bill.  Next one Sept 1st!! ;)

 David's Red Sunset Maple trees.  Approx 15ft tall.
 Bookshelf.  Still needs finished.
 Got for my nephews.

 Pie safe.  LOVE THIS!!

 Punched tin front.

Popeye the Sailor Man...toot, toot!

And we're gonna have a climber....
She has just started making this face.  I call it her Popeye face. So funny!

Good Days Ahead!

Ok. Once again they have changed the format for Blogger. I am kinda lost now.  So now my pictures are out of order. They are backwards.  Anyway, just wanted to report that Kaylynn has done a 360*.  She has had the first good week in a long time.  She jabbers up a storm.  She started clapping this week and waving "hi" and "byes."  Blows kisses, when she wants to that is!  She will give high 5 too.  We took wagon rides (early 1st bday present from GRammy and Pappy R.) and lawn mower rides.  The babysitter took the kids to the park this week and she got to swing.  She loved it! We took her to Nicholas' baseball game Thursday.  Just a busy, awesome week!  Did I mention how much she LOVES being outside? She would live out there I think if we'd let her.  So, we have a follow up appt with her Doc Wed.  The prevacid seems to be working beautifully.  No gagging or throwing up.  No ear infections.  Eating like crazy.  Although I think the teeth are starting to bug her again.  She already has 6 that are in.  Next Monday is her appt for her eyes.  Thanks for any prayers you may have said for her! We appreciate it! We are so thankful she is finally feeling better!!!
Grandpa talking to Kaylynn.
First time with her feet in the grass. 
Feeling the grass.

Hanging on for dear life.  Mommy's driving!

Playing and riding.
Ready to roll.
Helping Daddy mow the yard.

Cheeseball anyone??

Friday, April 13, 2012

Updates on Kaylynn

Well, we went to the ear specialist Tuesday. The ear infection was gone, so the augmentin must be working. But, he did not like that they blamed (or lead us to believe) that the vomiting is due to her ears. He didn't like that. He said that they always thought there was a link between acid reflux and ear infections, but they have never "confirmed" that theory. So, he thinks we have some wiggle room right now. He said she's one of these kids that will be good today and have an ear infection by tomorrow. So, she's one that's "on the fence" for tubes. That some kids' ear infections clear up during the warm months and return during the cold ones. He said if she gets another one, he wants to see her back, otherwise he will follow up in Oct. He also said maybe if we get the acid reflux under control that the ears will get better.
Sooooo....we made an appt to see her Doc Thursday to see about upping the dosage of her Prilosec. Well, Tuesday she had a great day! Saying Num-num and MaMa, and was cracking herself up laughing. By Wednesday she was spitting up, very, very fussy and crying and had a 101.8 temp a good part of the day that meds were not bringing down. So, appt bumped to Wed. Temp is probably due to her teeth. If it stays around 100-101 for a week or so, let them know, that's a problem. They put her own for being allergic to the azithromycin. And we are going to try Prilosec from 4ml, to 5ml for a week to see if it helps, if not bump to 6ml and we have a follow up appt on the 25th. By that time, if things aren't better, we will be referred to a pediatric gastrointestinal Doctor.
So, been on the upped dose and so far, seems to be working. Last night was a VERY LONG AND ROUGH NIGHT!! Her teeth must be killing her. She literally had me up the entire night. I rocked her crying in my ear until 4:30am. Until I get her settled enough finally to go to sleep. So, no work for me again today. She barely ate all day. Taking bottles, but just cries at feeding time. By supper she DID eat some mac n cheese and some mashed potatoes. Still very, very clingy and fussy. I went to CVS to get her new prescription and nigh time orajel, and of course...the prilosec is on back order!! So they changed it to prevacid. Great. Not only was it $70.00!!!! But it's in pill form and we have to cut it, and dissolve it in water ourselves! Ugh.
So we shall see how that works out tomorrow!
I am supposed to be mandatory Sat and Sun to work. David doesn't want me to go in. Technically, since I used vacation today I don't HAVE to go in, but between having so much work, letting my teammates down and we could use the extra money. We are finally getting a little ahead, and being able to put back and save. At the same time, I know she needs me, as well as David needing my help with her. And I know as hard as these days are, I will miss them one day. So, I guess I will see how tonight goes and set my alarm and decide then if I'll work or not.

Praying for her constantly. I just want her to be a happy, healthy little girl. Appreciate any extra prayers for her please!! Thanks so much!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

A sunny day out in the wagon at the baby sitter's. Like my sunhat?
Mommy and Kaylynn.
Having a semi-good day.
She loves the mirror! She will "kiss the baby." :)
Easter goodies.
Books, clothes, toothbrush and toothpastes, and toys. No candy this year!
See some of the hives on her face? They are all over her whole body! :(
Eating rice on the "braty" diet.
Another pj's kinda day. Wasn't feeling to hot most of this day either.
Snuck in this smile though.
The bigger the bow, the cuter and better I like it! ;)
After we got back from Urgent Care.
Yesterday we had my family Easter dinner/get together. We decided on having lasagna, stuffed shells, salad and garlic bread. And an ice cream cake for my sister's birthday. (Happy Birthday also to our nephew, Allan!!!) Then I had an egg hunt for Brooke. This was always a tradition when we were little at my Gram's. That and getting kite's and flying them on Easter. :) (Next year the kites will be happening too!!) Anyway, I forgot to take pics of all the food but, boy was there alot!! Another fun time spent with family. Brooke was so funny. She's really talking alot. Nicole asked me to take some pics of Brooke. There are a few of my favorites I put on here. Didn't turn out to bad. It was chilly and windy though. Hope everyone had a Blessed Easter!
Kaylynn would not leave Julian alone! She kept banging her walker into the seat!
Jamie and Rick. (It was her 29th bday) was a bit bright out! :)
I squeezed Kaylynn's hat on Brooke's head because she had no jacket and it was cold and really windy out!
Where is it?
My brother helping Brooke hold her basket.
***On a side note, we had to take Kaylynn to Urgent Care yesterday. Not sure if she was having an allergic reaction to the prescription, or the Doc said due to her being sick for so long now. She still occasionally is vomiting and yesterday morning she had a weird looking rash around her groin area. Well, 2 hours later when I went to dress her for my work Easter Egg hunt, this rash was everywhere! And her feet were red and swollen. Talked to Jenn and off to Urgent Care we went. So, we changed her prescription to Augmentin. And he did say she does still look hydrated, so that's good. She is just miserable. He also said she still has the infection in her right ear, and there is so much wax impacted in the left he can't even see the eardrum. He also said her recently read where they are finding links between acid reflux and ear infections. He said he was "throwing it out there" that if fixing her ears doesn't take care of the throwing up we may need to see a gastrointestinal Doc. (This Doc used to be my family Doc for YEARS! and now works at Urgent Care. Knowing that, I called ahead to see if he was there on call, our lucky day, he was so we requested him!) So, here's to hoping the ENT will be the fix all! We go Tuesday!! Please remember here in your prayers! I just wish she could have a good day and not always feel so rotten.