Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amish Auction Buys

Yesterday was the Beaver Run Consignment Auction.  I love going there! It's 8-10 auctions going on at one time. It's craziness.  But David and Dad S. stayed over by the landscaping stuff, I stayed over at the country furniture and decor.  And my best friend, Erin watched Little Miss Kaylynn.  I got my pie safe pretty much as soon as I stood there! I love auctions.  They are so fun, but you must be careful.  As you can fall into the trap of bid wars and bid it higher than you want to really pay just to "win" it.  As I did this time with the bookshelf.  But, it is solid wood and will last us forever vs. something bought at Target or Walmart.  (that's what I keep telling myself)  I had waited all day it seemed for them to start auctioning some bookshelf's.  I was hot and burning to a crisp.  Plus rain was on it's way.  Also, David had come over earlier and said, "I bought stuff."  He got 2 Red Sunset Maple trees.  I also got something for my nephews, but THOUGHT it was made out of wood.  Turns out it's not, but I think they will still play with it.  So, as soon as I got this we called it a day, and paid the bill.  Next one Sept 1st!! ;)

 David's Red Sunset Maple trees.  Approx 15ft tall.
 Bookshelf.  Still needs finished.
 Got for my nephews.

 Pie safe.  LOVE THIS!!

 Punched tin front.

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