Sunday, April 22, 2012

Good Days Ahead!

Ok. Once again they have changed the format for Blogger. I am kinda lost now.  So now my pictures are out of order. They are backwards.  Anyway, just wanted to report that Kaylynn has done a 360*.  She has had the first good week in a long time.  She jabbers up a storm.  She started clapping this week and waving "hi" and "byes."  Blows kisses, when she wants to that is!  She will give high 5 too.  We took wagon rides (early 1st bday present from GRammy and Pappy R.) and lawn mower rides.  The babysitter took the kids to the park this week and she got to swing.  She loved it! We took her to Nicholas' baseball game Thursday.  Just a busy, awesome week!  Did I mention how much she LOVES being outside? She would live out there I think if we'd let her.  So, we have a follow up appt with her Doc Wed.  The prevacid seems to be working beautifully.  No gagging or throwing up.  No ear infections.  Eating like crazy.  Although I think the teeth are starting to bug her again.  She already has 6 that are in.  Next Monday is her appt for her eyes.  Thanks for any prayers you may have said for her! We appreciate it! We are so thankful she is finally feeling better!!!
Grandpa talking to Kaylynn.
First time with her feet in the grass. 
Feeling the grass.

Hanging on for dear life.  Mommy's driving!

Playing and riding.
Ready to roll.
Helping Daddy mow the yard.

Cheeseball anyone??

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