Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quick Update

Since I posted last some things have happened. Kaylynn still is not herself. After finishing the stronger antibiotic, she was acting weird. So I kept an eye on it. So Thursday evening as soon as I pulled into the garage, the dreaded throwing up in her car seat happened. Ugh. So I got her out tried to peel her clothes off and clean up the mess. All the while she seemed fine as could be. I thought maybe she drank her bottle to fast. So, it was time for supper so I left her clothes off (diaper and socks on, lol) We decided to give her something mild, so we chose chicken noodle baby food. Well, almost the whole jar in and up it all came and was literally everywhere. Ugh!! Plus she had dirtied a diaper before that. So up to the tub we went dumping warm water over her to get her somewhat cleaned up, then she got a real bath. So, again she played and seemed ok so at this point we were stumped. So, later off to bed and bottle time.....and it all came up and was all over! So we got her cleaned up and changed and put her to bed.
She was up the night before from midnight to 1:30am just bawling. We thought it was her teeth, she is cutting 4 right now. I got a whopping 3 hours sleep and am on mandatory 10 hour days! :( So, she slept all that night, so we thought she was fine. Until the sitter called me Friday morning at work and said she had thrown up 3 times. Puked on the dog. Needed a bath, and had to get her husband out of bed to help clean up. Ugh!!! And now was crying alot. So I called the Doc and left work early to take her. Well, Jenn said the vomiting could be caused by ear infections and she still messes with her ears all the time. So off to the Doc and YEP!! Ear infection! So, we FINALLY got referred to Dr. Bruce, an ear specialist at Evangelical Hospital. Put her on amoxicillin until then.
We've been giving her pedilyte, and feeding her the "braty" diet. (banana, rice, applesauce, toast, yogurt) to keep in bland. Today we gave her some actual baby food. She has kept everything down, so fingers crossed!! It has been quite another long week here. Just want her to be healthy and not sick all the time!! Poor kid is always on antibiotics! :(

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