Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Busy Week

As another busy week starts I am constantly reminded to sometimes slow down and make sure I am making time for the important things in life. Heard a new song today by Phil Vasser saying to slow down and don't miss your life! Here it is. Not sure how to get the actual video on here. It brought tears to my eyes!

But Kaylynn loves playing outside! She rides around in the wagon at the babysitters. She's all in her glory. :) Picked up sunscreen for her so she don't burn to a crisp out there and dug out her sunhats. Packed away all but a few 6-9 month clothes, and put the swing in the other room since she hasn't been using it for a little while now. :( Had to get her Summer jammies for bed. She looks like such a big girl. And what is it about PJ's that look so cute? :) With every new thing she does, it's so bittersweet. She has learned so many new things this week too! She says Boo! She will put her leg up and hold it for me to put her shoes on. She has learned to take her socks off and eat them. She "kisses the baby" when she looks in the mirror. If I say kiss Mommy she has done it to me but only 3 times. She holds her own bottle. She has pretty much officially is wearing 12 month clothes, bumped up a shoe size. :( I think she is starting to teeth again. Fussy time is about to begin!

We close on our refinancing of the house Thursday! And David has been working his side job and I am back on some overtime at work! Maybe we can get ahead finally! Also got our taxes back so I got my car inspected and fixed. (It was to be done in January...bad me!) only $900+ later, I'm back on the road and legal! I still need to get it aligned yet.

David has been diligently working on finishing the basement! Got some framing done. Just hard when he's working full time, working a side job and putting her to bed early makes it hard to find time to work on it. I am already dreaming up decorating ideas. :) Well, that's about all for now! Gotta get to bed soon 2:30am comes quick!!
She LOVES being read to! (P.S the script bottle is empty, she like to chew it and fling it around)
I am a big girl.
My nephew Julian. Real men lay on pink owl boppy pillows!
Trying to grab Julian!
Eeeeeee.....come here you baby!!
So adorable.
Getting some fresh country air!
Her new size 3 sneakers. I thought they were cute and Springy.

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