Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prayers Needed!

My Pap fell today while he and my Gram were out and about in Lewisburg. Thankfully he was in a store, and NOT driving at the time. He was close to Evangelical Hospital, so that's where he went. Did a CAT scan and at the time he was unresponsive. And he did have a stroke. So, they gave him a shot to dissolve the blood clot on/in his brain (not sure which it is) and lifeflighted him to Geisinger where he is now in Critical Care. He is alert and knows what is going on now. He is crackin' jokes. Although he says he wants to go home!! They did another CAT scan when he got there, no results thus far. They will be keeping him for at least a few days for physical therapy. Not sure how bad the damage was. Mom said his one side is sluggish. So, please remember him and my Gram in prayer! His 82nd birthday is coming up on the 24th!! I told Mom to tell him, "ya know you ARE getting older, you just can't go gally vanting all over Lewisburg for crying out loud!!" LOL!! Thanks for the prayers!! I will update soon!!!

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