Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Cards....

Well, I have Christmas card pictures that need sent out. They still are in the box at this point. With working this many hours it may still be awhile. Heck, ya might not see them til June, but you'll get it eventually! So, don't fret, it's on it's way...just who knows when! :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Kaylynn's 1st Christmas

This was Kaylynn's 1st Christmas. She seemed less than interested, but nonetheless we opened gifts anyway. :) She got alot of clothes, books and toys of course. I made dinner for my family. It didn't go as smoothly this year. We tried to open our gifts with the immediate family first, then do dinner. Well, that doesn't work to well. Kaylynn was tired and over it and was past her naptime. I needed to be getting out to work on the food. And the other family showed up early for once. I just felt overwhelmed with it all. We need a new plan for next year for sure! But it wasn't to bad. Ended up with 20 people I think. And for some reason the wron date is on alot of these pics. They were from 12/25, not 12/24. Hmmm...

I think David's Dad needs to make her a nice BIG oak toybox for her 1st birthday! Hint, hint!! ;) Here are a ton of photos. I had to do it in 2 posts!

Just our gifts.

Ours, plus my parents gifts.

My bestest Christmas present this year!!

Her first sippy cup. Still can't figure that out yet. She doesn't understand that liquid will come out of it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kaylynn's 1st Christmas- Part 2

Opening it up!

Tickle toes monkey.


One of many books she got.

Her butterfly baby from my parents.

I think she likes her clothes.

Hippo ball popper.

Personalized piggy bank. There are flowers and bumble bees on the other side.

She likes it! :)

Jingle bells.

My niece Brooke with her doggie.

My Dad holding Kaylynn.

Looking at her Pick a Prayer book from Grammy and Pappy.

My new nephew on the way, Julian's piggy bank. It has a monkey on the other side.

I don't know what this thing is called, but my sister Jamie and Rick got it for her.


Tea set from Grammy and Pappy and a picnic basket set from Jamie and Rick.

Little tutu dress outfit from Jamie and Rick.

More clothes.

Tired girl.


Playing with Daddy.

Aunt Jamie.


All her gifts from my family.

Some from my family, the rest from her Daddy and I.

David got an air compressor from my parents and a blanket, boxers, and a shower wand from Kaylynn and I.

I got the zebra purse and the stick vac for my wood floors.

Christmas sunset.

Getting her toes!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve. Since we didn't have any plans, and niether did my parents we had them over. I decided to try my hand at making stromboli. Turned out awesome! They didn't look pretty, but they'll get better with more times I make them. Mom had Kaylynn open a present. Her first one ever! She sort of helped. :) It was a butterfly doll! :) All in all got alot of cleaning done today, then relaxed with my parents and David and Kaylynn. Ahhhh....memories. I think this may have to be a tradition. Mom and Dad (and my siblings if they can) come over Christmas Eve and hang out and eat stromboli!! :)
Here we go!

What do I do Grammy??

Getting excited.

Here it is! Very cute doll.

Supper time!! YUMMY!

Mishapen, but tasted oh so good!

Chewing her new doll. :)