Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kaylynn's 1st Christmas- Part 2

Opening it up!

Tickle toes monkey.


One of many books she got.

Her butterfly baby from my parents.

I think she likes her clothes.

Hippo ball popper.

Personalized piggy bank. There are flowers and bumble bees on the other side.

She likes it! :)

Jingle bells.

My niece Brooke with her doggie.

My Dad holding Kaylynn.

Looking at her Pick a Prayer book from Grammy and Pappy.

My new nephew on the way, Julian's piggy bank. It has a monkey on the other side.

I don't know what this thing is called, but my sister Jamie and Rick got it for her.


Tea set from Grammy and Pappy and a picnic basket set from Jamie and Rick.

Little tutu dress outfit from Jamie and Rick.

More clothes.

Tired girl.


Playing with Daddy.

Aunt Jamie.


All her gifts from my family.

Some from my family, the rest from her Daddy and I.

David got an air compressor from my parents and a blanket, boxers, and a shower wand from Kaylynn and I.

I got the zebra purse and the stick vac for my wood floors.

Christmas sunset.

Getting her toes!!

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