Saturday, December 24, 2011

Good Tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!! It doesn't seem like Christmas this year. Especially without Mom here. I wonder what kind of birthday celebration is going on in Heaven? :) I bet she is having quite a party there. We miss her terribly. Every milestone Kaylynn hits or does I think...Mom is missing this. Missing her. Missing her growing up. :(

Well, I'll try not to be a downer and all sappy and stuff. :) Lots of things going on. Dad is in Florida celebrating Christmas with Jay and his family, and Jenn and her family. I am hosting my family Christmas dinner tomorrow. Approx 25-30 people. We go back to work on Tuesday, and I am NOT looking forward to it. They put us on mandatory 12 hour days!! I can barely function on 10 hour days!! It better not last long. I won't be able to keep on those kinds of hours!! It'll kill me!!

Kaylynn FINALLY cut her first tooth this week. Her bottom front. The one right next to it in the front is pushing through too. So she'll have her 2 bottom front teeth first. :) She'll soon be sitting up on her own. The sitter has been putting her in a walker and she can move it already!! Dad was sort of joking with her last week at the dinner table and put his cup up to her mouth...well, both hands went on it. Mouth on it, opened her mouth, he tipped it up and she got 3 big swigs of iced tea. I couldn't believe she even knew what to do!! She's only 5 1/2 months old! Also probably the reason she only took an hour nap with all that sugar in her! :P

Well, want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! Have a Blessed New Year.

Our pretty tree.

Out little present this year.

Look at those blue eyes and red hair. She's a stinkin' cutie!

Has no preference, she sucks either thumb. :)

Wasn't digging the antlers. Hee, hee!

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