Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve. Since we didn't have any plans, and niether did my parents we had them over. I decided to try my hand at making stromboli. Turned out awesome! They didn't look pretty, but they'll get better with more times I make them. Mom had Kaylynn open a present. Her first one ever! She sort of helped. :) It was a butterfly doll! :) All in all got alot of cleaning done today, then relaxed with my parents and David and Kaylynn. Ahhhh....memories. I think this may have to be a tradition. Mom and Dad (and my siblings if they can) come over Christmas Eve and hang out and eat stromboli!! :)
Here we go!

What do I do Grammy??

Getting excited.

Here it is! Very cute doll.

Supper time!! YUMMY!

Mishapen, but tasted oh so good!

Chewing her new doll. :)

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