Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hello There

Just a few tidbits to add to your day. Kaylynn started eating fruits along with her cereal last couple of weeks. So far she's had applesauce, pears, bananas, and peaches. This week we will start veggies. I had her to the Doctor again this week because she is yet again sick and back on amoxcillian. But anywho, she suggested veggies really to be first because if you give them fruit first, then they don't want the veggies. So we shall try the veggies. She is getting so big. She is really discovering her feet now. I try to bring them up to her mouth and she chews her chubby little toes. :) She is also getting alot more hair. Soon I'll be able to start putting her hairbows in her hair!!! I think she will be sitting up on her own soon too. But, she is getting big and fast!

Dad watched her at our house Thursday night while we went to David's work Christmas party. I know Jenn told me Dad was pleased as punch that we asked him to watch her. I was worried, but she was good. Thank goodness! (And she dirtied a diaper just for her Grandpa) Hee, hee! He said he can't remember ever changing a dirty diaper, not sure he ever did with his own kids. LOL!!! He put her to bed and she slept all night. They got to spend Pappy/grandaughter time. He wants to pack her in his suitcase when he goes to Florida on Monday. Sorry Charlie. Not gonna happen. :)

I attemped to take some Christmas pictures of Kaylynn under the tree. I will post those soon. I still have to go get my Christmas card pictures printed out so I can send them!! Plus I still have a few things to buy yet!! Plus I have to wrap!! Plus who knows what else!! This mandatory OT is doing me in!

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