Saturday, January 30, 2010

New haircut =)

Today after work I went and got my hair cut off! I am going to donate it to Locks of Love. You have to have at least 10'' to donate it. It was time for a change. I also will be getting new glasses and sunglasses but they aren't in yet, so that will also make me look a little different. I'll have to post a couple pics when I get them. Just a few odds and ends about what we've been up to ; we've both been working. I've been working a decent amount of overtime, so that's been nice as far as the money. But we are supposed to be slowing down a bit here for awhile so no more OT after today for awhile. I also got a raise at the beginning of the year, which is also nice. I also joined a local gym, Planet Fitness with a lady I work with. I'm not really dieting but figured if I at least get active it has to help something! I go 4 days a week after work. So far, so good. I also have recently bought some new decorations for the house, but have yet to put them up, so when we do, I'll post pictures.

David has been really helping me out around the house and getting suppers started at night since I don't get home until around at least 5:30pm ish. He's really been eager lately to learn how to cook, and make things. He's getting pretty good at it, which really helps me out! It's been so cold here it's nice to know that he is working indoors and not outside freezing! That's about all we've been up to. I have been SO tired recently for some reason. I no sooner get home eat supper and clean up that I am so tired I lay down and instantly fall asleep. It may be a new prescription that I was taking. We are also starting to go to a new Church tomorrow right down the street here. They just built a new Church. It's the United Methodist Church that moved from town to 8th St. So, we'll see. Hope we like it!! So, all in all this is about all we've been up to.
**Update on Josh is that he's doing well. He's staying with my Gram, and going to rehab. As far as I know he is doing very well!! Thanks for all your prayers for him!!!
Today at work.
Before I cut it off.
Ta-da!!!!! Cut and hilighted!
I really like it!!
Here's the ponytail I'm donating!
Looks like a snake!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Josh is home!!!

Josh came home from the hospital today!! He is staying with my Gram and Pap. My Gram had surgery on her wrist today also. So I will post his progress from time to time. We went to see him at the hospital Friday night and he seemed very good. Talked away to us and knew what was going on. So, prayers are working!!!! Keep the prayers coming and also for my Grandparents that they can handle taking care of him. It's going to be alot of work I'm sure. Thanks again!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

**Josh has moved!

Today Josh has been moved the the Williamsport Gibson Rehab Center. He has come a very long way in 3 weeks. He is still in alot of pain from them taking alot of the meds away and he is now "feeling" alot of pain. He is getting better each day, but still is getting very confused about things. The part of the brain he injured is the short term memory and speech. Now, so far his speech sounds pretty good, it's the memory part that isn't clicking for him. He will be having 6 or more hours a day of therapy, so with that and alot of love and support we are praying for a FULL recovery!! Work hard and stay strong so you can get out of there Joshy!! Please continue the prayers for him, Thank you again!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

*** Josh update

Just a quick note they moved Josh to critical care on the 3rd floor on Monday. He is awake more and more and is talking alot. Some makes sense and some it doesn't, but I think over time he will be alright, but keep the prayers coming!! Thanks!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

** Another Josh update

My Aunt went today to see Josh. They have removed the ventilator and most of the other tubes. He was awake and asking for my Aunt. They told him again he was in an accident and he missed Christmas and New Years. They let him eat. He had mashed potatoes and a milkshake, but he was asking for cereal. Which is about all he ever wants to eat, before the accident! He also asked if he could open his gifts from Christmas, and kept saying he wants to go home. They asked if he wanted to go to my Gram's and he said "no, she's gonna be mad at me." So, tomorrow they are doing surgery on his ankle, then not sure what else is gonna take place, but it is really looking up!!! I just knew yesterday he knew who we were!! So, keep the prayers coming, they are working!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

~ A Josh update

Well, today Jamie, Tonya, Jimmy, David and I all ventured over to Geisinger to see my cousin Josh who is still in the Shock Trauma/ICU. We weren't sure what to expect, and we only were allowed to go in a few at a time, so Jamie & Tonya went first and they came out and told us kind of what to expect going in there. Well, here are a few updates. First he has been opening his eyes and trying to sit up and pulling at his ventilator for the past few days. So they are trying to keep him drugged up so he rests and leaves the tubes alone. He really looked alot better than what I expected. He had some surgeries this past week and has at least 1 that I know of this next coming week. When Jamie & Tonya went in he was sitting up and trying to pull his tubes out so the nurse was in to give more medicine to keep him from doing so. When David, Jimmy & I went in he was laying back, and had his eyes closed. I bent down right at his face and said "Josh?" and he opened his eyes!! I told him we were there to see him and he moved his hand slightly for me to hold it, so I did. He closed his eyes then, I tryed to talk to him a little, but really wasn't sure what to say. We stayed for awhile then decided to go. We wrote a message on his dry erase board, then I bent down to his head and told him we were leaving and we love him, he moved his hand for me to hold again. I told him we're praying for him, I have people praying all over for him. He squeezed my hand the entire time I was talking to him. I told him it's gonna be a long road, but we're all gonna help him. The main thing is he's here with us, that that was the most important thing. (Of course I could barely get this out because I was starting to cry.) told him again that we loved him and we would come another day to see him, that his Mom and brother and sister would be out.
Boy, it sure was hard to leave him there. To me, it seems as though he hears and understands every word your saying. And that he knows who we are. The part of the brain that's injured is the part that deals with the short term memory and speech, so Praying that it won't be bad...and it may or may not BE bad...only time will tell. I think that him moving and trying to pull the tubes out and moving his good leg, and opening his eyes and squeezing hands is a good sign!! I'm no expert but they said they probably wouldn't even see a change in him for 7-10 days and started opening his eyes on day 4!! So I hope that's a good sign of things to come!! I ask again to put him and our family on your prayer chains and ask that you continue to keep him in your prayers as well. I will try to keep you updated! Thank you everyone!!!!