Sunday, January 3, 2010

** Another Josh update

My Aunt went today to see Josh. They have removed the ventilator and most of the other tubes. He was awake and asking for my Aunt. They told him again he was in an accident and he missed Christmas and New Years. They let him eat. He had mashed potatoes and a milkshake, but he was asking for cereal. Which is about all he ever wants to eat, before the accident! He also asked if he could open his gifts from Christmas, and kept saying he wants to go home. They asked if he wanted to go to my Gram's and he said "no, she's gonna be mad at me." So, tomorrow they are doing surgery on his ankle, then not sure what else is gonna take place, but it is really looking up!!! I just knew yesterday he knew who we were!! So, keep the prayers coming, they are working!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

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