Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oh Brother...

Hello there! Well, as you can see my brother bought himself a motercycle. Yippy. Scares me to no end, but what can ya do? He's 21! So there ya go. Not to much to report really. We are waiting of the loan approval to come through. It should be here soon. We got our blueprints re-drawn and we now have them in our possesion. We went and picked all of our flooring from Echo flooring, and they are supposed to call our builders to work out the numbers, so we will see if that's where we get it or not. We went to an auction last Sat. and tried to get a dryer. No such luck. Everything went for so much money! The dryer went for $350.00!! Used! We didn't want to go over $150.00!! Ha! Well so that was a bust. We sat in the hot sun for 5 hrs. and got totally sunburn just to go home empty handed! Oh well the search continues. We said we would continue to check auctions and the newspaper to try and get one cheaper, but if not I guess we'll have to buy new. We looked at appliances to, we didn't buy any yet, but I think we decided finally on what color and style. David really wanted stainless steel. I wasn't to keen on it. ( I just picture future kids with sticky, slobbery fingers touching it all over!!) LOL! But he promises he will clean it. Well, they make a new thing called clean steel I don't know how it works but, it doesn't hardly show any fingerprints so I guess that will work! Stinking stuff is so expensive, but gotta bite the bullet. I cannot wait till we are in our new house! This house we're in now seems to be getting smaller and smaller somehow!! Also, Jay, Tonya and Tyler all seem to be doing well. We get pictures on our phone almost everyday. Keep them coming!! Can't wait to see them in August!! Gotta go!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tyler Mark has arrived!!

Tyler Mark Slagenweit has arrived! He was born yesterday, 7lbs 3oz, 20 inches long! He had to be taken by C-section, but both Mommy and Tyler are doing well! We are excited to be an Aunt and a Uncle to another nephew! He is so cute! Can't wait to get our hands on that boy!! This is Jay and Tonya's first child. How exciting! Congrats you guys and can't wait to see you in a few months!!
~Side note~ Marianne also found out this week that they to are expecting their third Boy! Which my oldest nephew, Allan wants to name him "Goliath"! HA!! Five nephews will be in for this Christmas!!! Congrats to you to Marianne and Philip!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard Sale

My sister Jamie, holding Chloe.
Saturday was my first ever yard sale. Well driveway sale anyway! It rained all day Friday so the grass was still soaking wet. It was community yard sales here in Montgomery, so we decided to have one. We were up bright and early. David went to work and my Mom, Jamie and her friend Ambra brought things over and set up. My Mom and I worked the sale while Jamie and her friends went yard sailing. Ambra has a baby girl, Chloe and she found great deals on baby clothes and toys! When we have kids I will also start going to yard sales again. That is how my Mom did it when we were little. Kids grow out of clothes so fast, it's the way to go!! :) Well, we were out from 7 to around 2. My Mom and I got so sunburned! I look like a lobster! But, for my first sale we did good I thought. My Mom made around $32.00, Jamie made $26.00, Ambra made $28.00 and I made $109.00!!! We did have alot left over, so we bagged it up and donated the clothes to my Gram's Church, and the rest is going to be picked up by the Lions Club for their sale. All in all went well.
We re-signed our contract with the builder this week and met with the guy to redraw our prints. So, now back to the bank! It's a never ending task. And we haven't even broke ground yet! We were busy all week. And amidst that, our friends, Eli and April had there first child this week. May 15th the welcomed a little girl, Rebecca Addison! They will be great parents and we can't wait to meet her!! So, CONGRATS Eli and April!!! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day & Happy Anniversary!

Happy Mother's Day to our Mother's, and to the soon to be Mother's!! Today is also David and I's 6th Anniversary. Alot going on in one day. I see as I get older how much I need my Mom. I do value what she has to say and need her probably more now than I ever did. Seems that way anyhow. With us being married, and starting our house and hopefully before to long starting a family, I need all the help I can get. We didn't always see eye to eye when I was younger, especially as I got to be a teenager. But I can see now why she did the things she did. And I appreciate her being a bit "tougher & stricter" than other parents. I am grateful she set rules and boundaries and I am who I am because of that. I feel that my morals and values are higher because of it. Although I didn't appreciate it at the time! I certainly do now! So, if any one who knows me or my family you know we don't "express" how we feel so this is kind of odd for me to actually be typing this out. But Mom, I am glad you did the things you did and I am thankful for you! Happy Mother's Day!!!
David and I went to the Olive garden Thursday night to celebrate our Anniversary. We hadn't ate there in years. It was Delicious!!! We got some cards, and had cake today at Mom S.'s. We actually didn't get each other anything, not even cards! So sad. But we did got to dinner, and all our money needs to go to the house! But we don't mind. We spent the weekend together. I can't believe it's been 6 years already! I love being married!
This weekend I didn't have to work! (YEAH!!) So Sat. David worked, (ha ha) and I started the task of trying to get yard sale stuff around. We have it piled up in our living room until this Sat. it's community yard sales here in Montgomery. Hopefully we can make some money. We went to my Mom's Sat. night. My sister's and brother was there. We stayed quite awhile after everyone left. My brother got a basset hound puppy, Tucker. He is SO CUTE!! His ears drag on the ground! In the one shot he got ahold of my camera strap and would not let go! So I got a picture in the process! Well, not to much else to report. We go to the bank tomorrow!

David and I on our wedding day. May 11, 2002.
David and my sister's dog, Daphne.
Tucker, had a hard time getting him to stay still!
Give that back!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm gettin' crafty!

Here is my second craft! It was fun to make. I really like to do crafts but they are time consuming and sometimes quite expensive! We won't be doing any in May because neither of us cared for the projects they are going to do. June crafts, they showed us one they are going to do it's a flower pot lady. I might do June's, but we are going to be so busy then, so who knows.
Well, we went visit my best friend Hailey's son, Evan, Monday at Geisenger. He had his tonsils and adenoids taken out and had to spend the night. He was not a happy camper. He wanted to go home and kept asking over and over,if "he could just go home now." They kept telling him the had to stay and he would cry. It was sad. I couldn't imagine if you had a child who was sick and had to be in the hospital all the time. He is alright and got to go home the next morning! But, Hailey was getting sick and guess what? I got sick from her! :( The very next morning it started as a sore throat and just got worse each day from there. By Thursday it was bad. It was a bad cold and a touch of the flu. And this whole week was so busy! Monday, Geisinger. Tuesday, had to get groceries and make 6 pounds of sloppy joes for work. Wednesday, craft class. Thursday, sign the contract for our house. Full schedule to say the least. Friday I took a half day and came home to rest up. I was feeling really crumby! Today is the first day I feel half way decent and can somewhat breathe.
Back to Thursday and the signing of the contract. We signed our sales agreement. And started on some of the details on what will soon be taking place. I was feeling nauseous and couldn't wait to get out of there! But, now we have to get to the bank to get the ball rolling officially. We got our sewage permit and will be getting the rest now soon. It is so much to know and remember!
A few other tid bits are, we are having community yard sales on the 17th so I need to go through things to have one! With moving before to long we should have things to get rid of. Also, my brother got a puppy. A basset hound named Tucker. I have yet to see it , but heard he's really cute. We want to get one after we move. A black or chocolate lab. We'll see.
Our friends Eli and April should soon be having there baby. They don't know what they are having. Our other friends Matt and Erin found out this week they are having a boy. That's exciting!! Plus Tonya and Marianne, my sister in laws are pregnant to!! Baby boom!!
Well toodles!!