Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yard Sale

My sister Jamie, holding Chloe.
Saturday was my first ever yard sale. Well driveway sale anyway! It rained all day Friday so the grass was still soaking wet. It was community yard sales here in Montgomery, so we decided to have one. We were up bright and early. David went to work and my Mom, Jamie and her friend Ambra brought things over and set up. My Mom and I worked the sale while Jamie and her friends went yard sailing. Ambra has a baby girl, Chloe and she found great deals on baby clothes and toys! When we have kids I will also start going to yard sales again. That is how my Mom did it when we were little. Kids grow out of clothes so fast, it's the way to go!! :) Well, we were out from 7 to around 2. My Mom and I got so sunburned! I look like a lobster! But, for my first sale we did good I thought. My Mom made around $32.00, Jamie made $26.00, Ambra made $28.00 and I made $109.00!!! We did have alot left over, so we bagged it up and donated the clothes to my Gram's Church, and the rest is going to be picked up by the Lions Club for their sale. All in all went well.
We re-signed our contract with the builder this week and met with the guy to redraw our prints. So, now back to the bank! It's a never ending task. And we haven't even broke ground yet! We were busy all week. And amidst that, our friends, Eli and April had there first child this week. May 15th the welcomed a little girl, Rebecca Addison! They will be great parents and we can't wait to meet her!! So, CONGRATS Eli and April!!! :)

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