Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Flowers 2013

I cut back on my flowers this year. I could spend and spend on flowers.  Got them from a local Amish market.  Got some different ones this year.  Hope they turn out!

 They had several things already made up and I bought this one because I really like it!!

Memorial Day Weekend

 Kaylynn and Daddy made a fort to play in.

 Mmmm, a tall glass of milk for breakfast! (She wants to drink out of a regular cup. Soon she won't probably need sippy cups anymore)
 Picnic at Grammy and Pappy's.
 Golf anyone??
 Pap sitting in the shade.
 Grilling and playing.

 Kaylynn golfing.
 Jamie and Rick and Gram. Mom setting up the food table.

 She ate so good!
Julian waiting for his food.
 I always plant mom's 3 hanging bskets for Mother's Day. This year I had 3 little helpers! :)

2012 Dodge Avenger

Here are some more pictures of our new car.  2012 Dodge Avenger.  And the 2 Maple trees David planted. 

Enjoying a Pop, or 2!!

 Started out with her own ice pop, then she wanted to try Daddy's fudge pop, needless to say she ended up with both!
 Just a little over dramatic "cheeeeeese!"

 I have been trying new recipes of Mom's lately and this was my first ever batch of baked apples! I think they turned out pretty good!!

Mother's Day

 So proud to give me the flower she planted! Although she kept telling me "it mines."
 Before the Mother/daughter Banquet.

 A "mooch" as she calls it/
 Melody, Deonna and Kaylynn.
 Helping with Brenda Scholl's (Pardoe) baby, Wyatt.

 Holding Wyatt.
 Brenda took this.  Kaylynn did not want her picture taken.
My gift from Kaylynn that she made a the babysitter. :)