Friday, May 17, 2013

On The Road Again...

Mom went last Friday to Hershey for more tests...which resulted in them taking ONE tube of blood, yes that's right a 2 hour drive for ONE tube of blood!!  Ugh.  Anyway, they called this week and said she does NOT have Hepatitis C!! They do claim that it's showing "inactive" so she mush have been exposed to it at some point in her life.  She explained to the lady who called how upset she's been all week about it. 
So, today they got a call at 1:30pm that a bed had opened up so they went.  So was SUPPOSED to start chemo today, but since they didn't call until so late they now have to start it tomorrow!  UGH! Now that pushes everything back yet another day!! So, anyway.  They are down there.  She is in a very nervous/ anxious/ emotional state right now.  Wanting to get this part done and OVER with!!  Please keep the prayers coming!!  Needed more now than ever!!

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