Friday, May 3, 2013

The Next Step

Mom had her appt at Hershey yesterday.  Now we finally know the details of what will be taking place for her stem cell transplant.  She has to go Fri, May 10th down to Hershey to start another round of chemo.  She will receive this for approx 5 days, then have a day or 2 off before transplant.  They told her she could loose her hair again.  She will have a very sore mouth.  It could get to the point that they would hook her up to a pain med pump and she can push a button for meds for the pain of the sores.  She will have extreme fatigue and need help in and out of bed for a few days.  This chemo will be completely wiping out any and all of her bone marrow altogether.  This is why she will need to be in isolation for approx 3 weeks.  We all will have to mask, gown and glove up when any of us go there.  This will be some of the hardest, darkest days to come.  The sore mouth, (cause she NEEDS to eat to get her counts going up) not to mention the pain of them.  And the being in isolation.  Being stuck in a hospital room for literally weeks on end. *Sigh* It's going to be hard!!  Then on Fri, May 17th my Aunt will go in at 9am to start donating her stem cells.  Once the reach a certain number they are looking for, (which I think the number is 2 million) my Mom will then receive it via IV drip.  She will immediately start taking anti-rejection medication. 

Then once they deem her ok enough to go to the Hope Lodge, she will be there and have to go for blood work everyday to be checked.  For another approx 2-3 weeks.  This is a very scary move for all of us.  I know we are all scared about it, but yet wanting to get it done and over with already.  Good news is, the bone marrow biopsy she had several weeks ago is still showing NEGATIVE!!  So that is great news!  I am still asking that people remember her, my Dad and our family in your prayers for awhile.  This is going to be difficult and I am praying that it works, goes smoothly and does what they want it to do!!  The Lord is working in our family! Keep the prayers coming!!!

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