Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mom and Dad S.'s Garden and wildflowers

Evan has arrived!

Hello all! Jennifer and Justin have welcomed their new son Evan Joshua last Sunday June 24, 2007! He and mommy are doing well! So we are an Aunt and Uncle again! All nephews so far. They are all to sweet and adorable! We love when we are able to see them! Well, it's been another busy week for us. We follow all these leads about homes and land, so far no luck. We have looked at several, but nothing panning out. On Sunday we heard about a 3 bedroom ranch coming up for public real estate auction WEDNESDAY! AAAHH! We needed a good chunk of change down so we needed to see the property ASAP! The owners daughter couldn't show us monday so we got ahold of the auctioner and he was able to show it to us. So, we brought our " home inspector/ advisor" ( Dad Slagenweit) to help us see if it was worth while. Nice area, nice peice of land, not bad of a house. Needed a little work, but we were interested. So next task was to come up with the down payment! Because it was such short notice , what we were planning on using we couldn't get ahold of! David took off work Wednesday went all over pretty much all day and finally came up with the money!! We new then at least we had a chance. Well, we were excited and I was so scared, and excited! My Mom and Dad came, then Mom and Dad S. came to be there in case we got it. Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be. We didn't even bid on it! It went over what we wanted to pay. The last bid was $112,000. The family would not accept that, they wanted even more, they were looking for $140,000! The home had been appraised for that. No one ended up with it so it will go into real estate. Come to find out they had taken out a reverse mortgage and have to get that $140,000 out of it because the bank owns it and they need that to pay off the bank. Well, lesson learned. Now we really know what we want and since David did all the running Wed. for the money search. He finally realized how much I take on, and now he's helping so much more!!! God taught us a good life lesson. Now the search continues for hopefully, land. We both still would much rather build. We have a few Realtors helping us now. So keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Matt and Erin's Wedding!

Another weekend out with a bang! We went to Dubois over the weekend for our friends, Matt and Erin's wedding. It was alot of fun. We met alot of very nice people. There was a carnival going on behind our hotel, so Friday night we got to see fireworks! We were in the wedding. David was a groomsman, and I read out of Corinthians for them. While us girls were at the hair salon, the guys decided to go look for elk. I guess they are around. When he came back I asked if they saw any, he said they did and proceeded to show me this picture of one!! Such a smart alec!! We also were able to get Matt and Erin's car done up! We filled up 60 balloons and filled the entire inside of the car! They had to pop all of them before they could leave the reception! It was alot of good fun!! They thought it was funny and cute! ( Good thing!) We ended up staying a second night, as did alot of the wedding party. So we got to spend time with some other friends of ours. It was just a blast!!! The next morning (Sun.) we all met, including Matt and Erin, for lunch at Hoss's. Then we said our goodbyes in the parking lot. I hated to say goodbye. We really did meet alot of nice, nice, people!!! When we got home we spend a little time with our Father's. Can't wait very shortly we will have a new nephew arriving!! Can't wait to meet little Evan Joshua!! Still searching diligently for a home or land! Keep prayin'!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

What is going on here?????

This is what we came home from work to last Thursday night. Nice. I could only imagine what the neighbors must think goes on here. This is the second time this has happened!! Come to find out, the guy David works with got us again. He has done some other things before, like putting a big for sale sign on David's truck while it was at the park and ride one day. ( Which we had calls about. He had put David's number on it. ) So for the party I had here everyone was asking what happened, how embarrassing!!! We have to think of something good to get him back!!!!

Tonya's SURPRISE College Graduation party!!!

Me and my siblings at the party. Jimmy, Jamie, Tonya and April.

My friend from sixth grade on, Hailey and her son, Evan. He's getting so big. He is already a year and a half old!!!

Evan and I with a nice gatorade stained face. I'm sure his Mom was happy that his nice new shirt got stained also!!!

This is my brother and his girlfriend, Kristy and her two children, Coral and Katelyn. Coral became instant friends with everyone and wasn't very happy when she let two helium filled balloons go because she wouldn't let us tie it to her wrist. She didn't want the birds to have them!!

Tonya arriving at her party. She had no idea. Jesse blindfolded her and drove her around for an hour so she was nice and lost. She was very surprised! I think she had thought we were rude for not doing anything for her graduation. But she found out soon enough.