Saturday, August 15, 2009

Clothesline poles...

My hardworking husband went out today to set up my clothesline poles. We got them free from Kevin and Dana. They are metal and need sanded down and painted yet. We are going to paint them black. I felt really bad because it was extremely hot and humid today! :( He was soaked from working out in that heat. By the time he called it a day he didn't feel to well. We didn't get enough quickrete cement so it's not finished, but this week we can get it taken care of. I'll soon be able to hang my clothes outside!!!!!! Thanks David!! :)
mixing cement.
Setting up the pole.
He placed them 22' apart.
mixing some more cement.
Look how sweaty wet he is. :(

Jordan family reunion

Last Sunday was my family reunion. My Gram's side of the family, the Jordan's. We have it at my Uncle Joe and Aunt Marlene's house. They have a pavilion in their yard. It stayed nice out until we left. It was nice and a good turnout. I attempted to make a fruit pizza and made macaroni and cheese. The fruit pizza was ok, I ended up baking the cookie bottom to long. So, better luck next time! David helped me make the food. When he saw I had got kiwi fruit he was so excited! He said he never had that on a fruit pizza before. I thought it would add color.
Here it is!

L to R: Aunt Gina, Janelle, Dale,Gram, Aunt Shell, Aunt Rise.
Mom putting Braylon to sleep.
Aunt Pudd (that's her nickname, it's really Alice), Kendra, Uncle Harold and Gram.
Dad holding Braylon sleeping.
Pap and the guys chatting.
Getting ready to eat!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Braylon's 1st Birthday

Today was my cousin Braylon's 1st Birthday party. He is so cute and getting so big! He has a whole bunch of teeth and he's walking!
Going down the slide. (He would not go by himself)

Looks just like his Daddy, my cousin Wesley.
I like this picture, I think it's cute.
His cake.
He wanted no part of the cake.

Like I said, he wanted no part of it! :)
Chewing on the toy that Jamie got him.
Check out the nice goonie on his head. He fell down and hit his head on the cement. :( Ouch!
Riding in the powerwheels with his sister.

Family get together

David's extended family came over to his Mom and Dad's for a picnic. Some from Martinsburg, Milton, and Florida. It was nice to see everyone. We ate and later had homemade ice cream. It also gave us the chance to take everyone over and show them our new house! They all really liked it, which made us happy and proud of our home. It also turned out to be a nice day. After croquet we had some watermelon. All in all a very nice time!!
Eating our ice cream.
Grandma Miller.
Janelle, Jessi and Jeanette.
Aunt Faye.
Playing croquet.
Aunt Faye and Jason.
Aunt Miriam and Jessi.
Jeanette and David trying to get to the finish.
The guys looking on.
Playing make shift volleyball.
Eating watermelon.
Gerber daisies that Aunt Miriam left for us!