Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family get together

David's extended family came over to his Mom and Dad's for a picnic. Some from Martinsburg, Milton, and Florida. It was nice to see everyone. We ate and later had homemade ice cream. It also gave us the chance to take everyone over and show them our new house! They all really liked it, which made us happy and proud of our home. It also turned out to be a nice day. After croquet we had some watermelon. All in all a very nice time!!
Eating our ice cream.
Grandma Miller.
Janelle, Jessi and Jeanette.
Aunt Faye.
Playing croquet.
Aunt Faye and Jason.
Aunt Miriam and Jessi.
Jeanette and David trying to get to the finish.
The guys looking on.
Playing make shift volleyball.
Eating watermelon.
Gerber daisies that Aunt Miriam left for us!

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