Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jordan family reunion

Last Sunday was my family reunion. My Gram's side of the family, the Jordan's. We have it at my Uncle Joe and Aunt Marlene's house. They have a pavilion in their yard. It stayed nice out until we left. It was nice and a good turnout. I attempted to make a fruit pizza and made macaroni and cheese. The fruit pizza was ok, I ended up baking the cookie bottom to long. So, better luck next time! David helped me make the food. When he saw I had got kiwi fruit he was so excited! He said he never had that on a fruit pizza before. I thought it would add color.
Here it is!

L to R: Aunt Gina, Janelle, Dale,Gram, Aunt Shell, Aunt Rise.
Mom putting Braylon to sleep.
Aunt Pudd (that's her nickname, it's really Alice), Kendra, Uncle Harold and Gram.
Dad holding Braylon sleeping.
Pap and the guys chatting.
Getting ready to eat!

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Joy said...

Mmmmm! That fruit pizza looks delicious! You did a great job on it. Haven't made one in a long time. Might just have to whip one up before long.