Monday, November 23, 2009

The start of our VACATION!!

David's sister, Jennifer and her husband, Justin and their boys Evan and Bryce came home from Florida for Thanksgiving on Sat. Here are a few pics that we've taken of their visit so far. The rest of the gang gets here Wednesday.
Jenn, Justin, Evan & Bryce.
Jenn said that that even if they take the blnket down he will put it right back up like this.
Right after these pics I was helping Jenn give him a bath and lets just say there were some extra water works going on! I took my hand and tryed to cover, but we just lost it and were laughing histerically!! Too funny.

Almost time for bed.
David's Mom giving Evan his bedtime bottle.

Melody's wedding 11-14-09

On November 14th our friend Melody Hubble got married. It was a very small, nice candle lit ceremony. She married Jose Ruiz. He is a very nice guy and treats Mel and Deonna very well. Here are some pics from her wedding.
The Church.
A little of the decorations.
Cherokee and Mel. (Didn't Cherokee get big??)
Deonna (Mel's daughter)
Mel and her girls.
Jose and the guys.
Mr. & Mrs.!!
Mel & her Gram.
The wedding party.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My car is doomed...

Well, this morning on my way to work I hit a deer. It ran out in front of me on 180 (beltway)! Outta nowhere! It stopped right in front of me when I hit the brakes and at the last second it jumped, but to late, already nipped it's back end. I think I hit it's back legs. It ran off, so I kept on going to work. I was almost there anyway. I didn't think I had done much damage. My fog light is broke and pushed back in, and the plastic piece holding it there is all cracked and broken, and there is a slight white streak under the gray plastic part. So, have to go get an estimate done to get it fixed. My comprehensive deductible is low, so depending maybe it won't even be that much and I can just get it fixed without going through insurance.
I told David I think this car is doomed! :) When we first got it a lady from work backed into it, then I hit a bobcat, then in April was my accident when the 90 year old lady hit me, now a deer! What's next? A pedestrian?? LOL! It's like things appear out of nowhere! Look out for me on the road people! I'm dangerous!!! :]

It had started to rain when I got home, that's what the little bit of wetness is there!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Curtains....and this & that

Well, some things are finally getting done around here! The retaining wall is basically done. David got our hot water heater wrap on. I ordered new braided rugs, mini blinds and a roller shade from JC Penney's. Everything came except the mini blinds. I love the new rugs! I need one more little one, but I got one for inside the front door and a runner for down the hall coming in from the garage. They look awesome in here! The color is "Tuscan clay."
Friday night I stopped at Target (my favorite store) to get a few things, well looked in the curtain section and actually found a bunch that I liked for once! So ended up getting all the curtains for upstairs!! We had discussed that we were only gonna do valances upstairs because we have the mini blinds. Maybe someday we'll add sheers or drapes, but for now I think these look fine and dandy! So, David got those all up for me yesterday. I also got a new hand towel ring and 2 red hand towels for the laundry room sink since they had put a shower towel rack by that sink. (DUH???!!! Did I mention our builders weren't to bright??) So David still needs to get that up yet, plus 2 clocks I got for in the 2nd upstairs bathroom and laundry room. We also need to get the hardware and trim on the cabinets! We also have a terrible rut all along our driveway and yard in the front from rainwater runoff that we gotta get fixed somehow too! We are trying to get all these things done before everyone comes in for Thanksgiving!
And on top of all that stuff I've been working a little overtime here and there and we're trying to get everything done here. And I went and lined up a side job for David for people I work with! It's a small electrical job because the other person quit, so they asked if David could come and finish up the job. I asked and he said yes, he would do it. It shouldn't be much work and they are gonna pay him well for it! But probably shouldn't have added this to our list of things "to do."
Well, besides what we have going on around the house here, not to much else is happening. Been spending a little more time out with friends lately which has been nice! I had a girls night out with Erin and April last Sat. It was nice to just sit and talk for a few hours. Then craft class this past week with my sisters, and then again yesterday w/ Jamie and Erin and then Mel's bridal shower! It's nice to get out every now and then!
We also purchased 2 Edenpure heaters from my cousin. She was selling them and we wanted at least one, and just so happened she was selling 2! So, we bought them both. This year since we're not having a Christmas with David's side of the family that allowed us to be able to get them! We just got the one out and turned it on! LOVE IT!!

My rugs. I love them!
Upstairs front bedroom.
Plaid, I wish they would have had more of these ones, but this is all they had.
Back upstairs bedroom. Mini blinds are on order and should be on there way.
Cream color.
Guest bathroom.
Sort of a shimmery blue. (The walls are tan, don't know why it looks pink here)
Our bathroom.
Brown and light blue. I thought David would hate this one, but he said he really liked it!
Our bedroom, and in the closet.
Shimmery dark red.

Melody's bridal shower

Yesterday was Melody Hubble's bridal shower. She is getting married in 2 weeks! It was nice to see everyone and catch up. Deonna is getting so big. She is cute! Amanda (the one in the pink sweatshirt) is her Maid of Honor and threw the shower. Amanda Coppock was there from Ohio also. She is a bridesmaid. Not sure who else is in the wedding! ;) It was a nice little get together with some yummy snacks!
Opening gifts.
Jenn, Amanda, Debbie(Amanda's Mom)
Dee(Mel's Mom) and her family.
Ribbon hat.
Amanda, Mel & Amanda!
Deonna, she is almost walking by herself!

Happy Halloween!

Nicholas stopped by Friday night for Trick or Treating. He was so cute in his little Cowboy outfit! You know me, I just had to get a picture!

Craft class

These pictures don't show how cute it really is. It has snow all over it and it lights up inside. Me and my sisters made this in craft class this week at Ben Franklin. I think they all turned out pretty good! I love craft class!

Retaining wall

This week David and his Dad, and Kevin and Nicholas worked on the one side of the retaining wall. They finally got it done. Now it just needs parged and then when the ground isn't so soft from all the rain he'll bring the Bobcat home from work and fill in behind the wall from the big dirt pile out back. Sometime we will do the other side, and eventually someday we will put stone veneer on the block. We would like to do something similar to what we have on the front of the house. David said this side had to be done now if I want flower beds in the Spring. They stepped it down to which looks nice.
Kevin and Nicholas making concrete.
Building the wall.

Wall is built! Now it just needs parging and back filled.
Looks nice!!