Thursday, November 5, 2009

My car is doomed...

Well, this morning on my way to work I hit a deer. It ran out in front of me on 180 (beltway)! Outta nowhere! It stopped right in front of me when I hit the brakes and at the last second it jumped, but to late, already nipped it's back end. I think I hit it's back legs. It ran off, so I kept on going to work. I was almost there anyway. I didn't think I had done much damage. My fog light is broke and pushed back in, and the plastic piece holding it there is all cracked and broken, and there is a slight white streak under the gray plastic part. So, have to go get an estimate done to get it fixed. My comprehensive deductible is low, so depending maybe it won't even be that much and I can just get it fixed without going through insurance.
I told David I think this car is doomed! :) When we first got it a lady from work backed into it, then I hit a bobcat, then in April was my accident when the 90 year old lady hit me, now a deer! What's next? A pedestrian?? LOL! It's like things appear out of nowhere! Look out for me on the road people! I'm dangerous!!! :]

It had started to rain when I got home, that's what the little bit of wetness is there!


Joy said...

Oh, you poor thing! I'm always on the lookout for deer in the morning when I get off work and am heading home. Sometimes they are standing along the road and I am sure one is going to jump out right in front of me. So glad that it wasn't worse and that God protected you.

David & April said...

I know! Stupid deer! :) Yes I am so glad it wasn't worse! It def. could have been! God is good!