Monday, November 23, 2009

The start of our VACATION!!

David's sister, Jennifer and her husband, Justin and their boys Evan and Bryce came home from Florida for Thanksgiving on Sat. Here are a few pics that we've taken of their visit so far. The rest of the gang gets here Wednesday.
Jenn, Justin, Evan & Bryce.
Jenn said that that even if they take the blnket down he will put it right back up like this.
Right after these pics I was helping Jenn give him a bath and lets just say there were some extra water works going on! I took my hand and tryed to cover, but we just lost it and were laughing histerically!! Too funny.

Almost time for bed.
David's Mom giving Evan his bedtime bottle.

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Faithe said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm so sorry we won't get down to see everyone while you're all together. We'll be busy helping Joel and April get their house ready to move into. They are hoping to get moved in three weeks -- I think that's an ambitious goal, but we'll do our best!
Keep sharing photos as the days go to you all!!
Aunt Faithe