Sunday, September 30, 2012

Always Something

Yesterday Kaylynn and I had a busy, big day.   I went to see if this one place I went to last year at the Watsontown Yard sales was having one, but no, they weren't. (The lady had twin girls and I got her a ton of clothes for a steal)  So, back home I went.  I skipped them because my Mom and I always go and I didn't feel right going without her.  Then after lunch and Kaylynn's nap we set off to a friend from work's wedding.  It was nice and she looked beautiful.  We only stayed for the wedding since I had told her to take us off coming to the reception since at the time I didn't know what would be going on with my Mom. And here is where the "It's aways something" part comes in.
 After Kaylynn dumped the bubbles we blew at them all down me, we headed off to the car.  When I threw her diaper bag in, this foamy stuff went all over the side of her car seat. I was like "What is that?!" Looked and it was ALL over in the diaper bag. I thought, it's shaving cream!! Who would do that??!!  As I get a closer look, it was not shaving cream, but sunscreen foaming lotion that is in her bag.  Little Miss was messing with it during the ceremony and must  have got the cap off so when I was carrying it to the car it must have been pressing the button.  It was EVERYWHERE! What a mess!  Just another notch on the Mommy belt I suppose! :)

 After that we did some running and making stops then back home to change and go to Deonna's 4th birthday party.  We had a big fun filled day!  Today I feel extremely guilty for not going to see my Mom.  She has appt's every other day and has appt's right now through this week, then not sure what's happening.  I know they told her on day 30 she needs another bone marrow test.  My Dad is coming home today to go back to work this week.  My Aunt Gina is staying the week with her.  I hope things continue to fall into place!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Messing around with the backround of the blog and I can't get it to change the backround color. Hmmm...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Today Mom got her bone marrow test results.  As of right now they are declaring it in remission.  That doesn't mean it can't come back, but nothing is showing right now.  She has moved back to the Hope Lodge so praying she doesn't get fevers or get sick.  A Home Health nurse is coming tomorrow to show them how to flush her lines and hook up meds to her central line that she needs to have.  She has appt's right now up until Oct 5th then praying she can come home!  GOD IS GOOD!!! PRAISE HIM!!  It was all him!!!!  Thank you all for your prayers! God hears them!! Keep them coming!!! So happy!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Please Help!

Friends, I am asking to still send cards of encouragement to my Mom and Dad while they are out in Hershey. If you are able to, send money, gas cards, gift cards (restaurants, fast food, Weis grocery store, Walmart, etc) as the expenses of staying there are adding up! Just gas and buying my Dad's meals are very expensive! And since she is back and forth between the hospital and the Hope Lodge I ask that you either send them to me, or her home address. 

My Mom said it is costing my Dad almost $30 a day just to eat at the cafeteria!! The costs are adding up quickly! Please help if you are able! Thanks to all of the support and continued prayers!!!

April Slagenweit
2003 Vincent Ave.
Watsontown, PA 17777


Renee Robbins
1107 State Home Rd.
Montgomery, PA 17752

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trip to Hershey

Well another safe trip to and from Hershey.  Anyone that knows me how much I hate to travel.  I get such terrible anxiety!  Anyway, we made it! :)

  Mom only is getting antibiotics right now.  She has a bone marrow test scheduled for Monday to see where she is at.  And it all falls on the results of that test.  PRAYING that all will be good and she can at least go home and do follow up care here at home.  Her spirits seemed to be up today.  Yesterday the nurses gave her a book with scarves, hats and wigs in it.  They have been after her to cut off her long hair since she's been out there.  She has lost some, but not alot.  So today was the day.  I cut her hair as much as I could and then buzzed/shaved it all off.  (the nurses had the clippers)  I was so afraid she would cry, but she didn't.  I felt like I couldn't breath for a minute and my hands were numb.  She immediately put one of the hats on I got her.  Dad said "I thought for sure you'd cry."  She said "Why?" It's part of the process I guess."  True.  Still not easy, but true.  I took before and after pics on my phone.  She asked me to see them because she was afraid to look in the mirror.

So we talked and laughed.  Had a good visit.  Didn't want to leave.  I know she said she is dreading the bone marrow test.  I don't blame her.  I am surprised she hasn't been sick other than the sore throat and sores in her mouth.  Things have come a long way!  Continue the prayers please! Thanks! God hears them!!

Also, since she will be back and forth between the hospital and the Hope Lodge, I am asking any cards be given to me, or sent to her home address and we will see that she gets them when we go on the weekends:

Renee Robbins
1107 State Home Rd.
Montgomery, PA 17752

Thanks again!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kaylynn's Surgery

Kaylynn FINALLY got ear tubes put in today.  David had to take her since I have no vacation left.  They had to be there at 6:45am.  She was the first surgery of the day.  She was fine when the nurse took her back.  It was 15 minutes later when she came out screaming....the nurse told DAvid when it was done she went from fast asleep out- to instant screaming and crying.  She did that all the way home.  He frantically called me looking for the tylenol since she can't have ibuprofen.  He said he laid her down but she was still histerical.  Finally found the tylenol, got it in her and sh fell asleep.  After she woke up she seemed pretty good the rest of the day.  Back to herself.  David said she ate like crazy all day though. :)  He even made my day and surprised me at lunch with a visit!!  I was so glad to see my baby! Picked up Ciprodex drops for her ears if fluid leaks out gotta put these drops in.  No water in her ears for a week.  We have a follow up on Oct 1st.  Hope this works! :)


Mom was sent to the Hope Lodge Tuesday night, but by Wednesday morning fever hit. Straight to the ER.  Readmitted back into the hospital.  Started antibiotics and did platelets.  During the night...another fever, so still at the hospital.  Got another blood transfusion today.  When you talk to her most of the time it's like my ole Mom is back.  Just praying the the bone marrow test next week comes back saying she's in remission!  I'm not to old, or to proud to say I still need my Mommy! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Round of Chemo Done!

Quick update on Mom.  She ended her 7 day 24hrs a day chemo today around 11am.  They discharged her from the hospital to the Hope Lodge.  We are all ver discouraged that they would send her there.  That puts more on them to do.  Go grocery shopping and have to cook all their meals in a shared kitchen there, Dad has to take her temp all the time, he has to flush her lines, etc.  I think that is awful they wouldn't keep someone in the hospital after all this treatment!!  She will be doing outpatient care as long as nothing happens like a fever, etc. for at least the next week.  At that point they will check the bone marrow again to see where she's at.  If there isn't any bad cells, she will be considered in remission.  If not they will tell her then either to do more chemo, or opt of a bone marrow transplant.  I pray to GOD that she will be cancer free!!! I pray every second I can! 

They are worried about so much and on top of it all my Dad really needs to go back to work next week.  But Mom's will be in Hershey plus she is to have someone with her 24hrs a day.  So they are very upset about that too.  No money coming in.  Mom's sick.  2 hours away from home. The list goes on and on.  I keep telling them to take it one day at a time but that is easier said than done.  My Mom said My Dad is gonna have a heart attack.  So I worry about both of them. I feel so helpless.  I wish I could make this all go away.  I set up Skype so we can do that with them out there, which helps slightly.  She saw Kaylynn tonight and she was crying.  I felt horrible.  All she wants is to be better and come home to love up her 3 grandkids.  We all want the same!!  I beg you, please keep the prayers coming!!! Thanks!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keep the Prayers Coming!

Mom is on Day 4 of chemo.  Her hair is already falling out.  My Dad is coming home today.  My sisters are going out there.  My sister Tonya is gonna stay there.  Then tomorrow (hopefully) we are gonna go out and then we will bring my sister home.  But I either have allergies or a touch of a cold going on and if it's the same tomorrow I can't go.  I WANT TO SO BAD to see her!! But, I definitely DO NOT want to get her sick either! The Doctor said the chemo is working. (Not sure how they know, maybe blood work they keep doing?)  She has had several blood transfusions and platelets.  Please keep the prayers coming!!  Thanks!!

Friends, Now that my Parents are in Hershey, I want everyone, I mean EVERYONE I can get, to send cards and if your able maybe gift cards, gas cards or money to try and help. (I know alot of people don't to send or give cash) please pass this on and I will keep re posting this. Also, please no flowers or fresh fruit, she CANNOT have them around her due to pesticides! Thanks!
Renee Robbins 
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
500 University Park Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
Rom #6139

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick Update on Mom

Tuesday night at 9:00pm they started chemo.  She will get it for 24 hrs a day for 7 days. Then I'm not sure what's to happen. I assume she will be checked to see if the chemo is working. She had more platelets and a blood transfusion yesterday. Just platelets today.  She is already starting to loose her hair. :( Dad got a room at the Hope Lodge so I hope he can start getting some rest.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Waiting Game

Not a whole lot to report.  Sunday they did do a blood transfusion, platelets and more potassium.  Got her Central line in today.  Still waiting for them to get back to her about her test results.  Then they are to sit down and go over in detail what they are gonna do.  So, of course no Doctor's returned today to tell us anything. 

I also just talked to her on the phone.  They messed up her supper order.  It's now 8:30pm and no nurse has come in since 4:00pm! I think that is craziness!!  Her central line was leaking so she had to call the nurse, o she had to hang up.  We are all getting frustrated at how slow this is going.  Don't they know that everyone in there is someones loved one??  That wants them to be better and healthy!!??  Keep praying, also for patience because we are losing it!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hershey Bound

Mom and Dad finally got on their way to Hershey at 12:07pm today.  They came home to pack a few things and for us to see them off.  It was extremely hard.  I gathered the family and had a word of prayer. We cried histerically, but I had to do it.  (She just called to say they made it and they are there 12:17pm)  When she was hugging us to leave she said I'm gonna fight because I wanna live to see my grandkids grow up! I hugged her again and told her I sooo needed to hear that before she left.  It's hard that it's only them and they are 2 hours away. I contine to ask for prayer for her, my Dad, the Doc's and nurses and all of us left at home.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Please add my Mother and our family to your prayer lists/chains!  She has been very sick for a few months.  Back in July she had heart surgery to help the heart arrhythmia they had found.  Ever since then she has progressively been worse.  She has lost alot of weight, has no color, not eating, no appetite, dizzy, etc. They told her it was then her thyroid.  Which is what they keep checking now for at least the last month. Well, she finally got bad enough she finally went to the ER. Once she got there they said she was anemic.  A few hours later they said she had Leukemia.  They did a blood transfusion and antibiotics, and a second blood transfusion the next morning.  They also did a bone marrow sample yesterday and didn't get the results of that until today.  She was told she has Acute Leukemia.  And now we are waiting for a bed to open up at Hershey Medical Center.  Then she is stable enough that my Dad can take her there.  And she will be receiving treatment for 4 to 6 weeks. Beyond that we know nothing.

We are all scared, devastated and in shock right now.  And her being 2 hours away is going to be SO HARD!!!  I will try to keep this updated as much as time allows.  I didn't even get to see Kaylynn tonight. I got home after she went to bed.  But I ask that people continue to pray because we are not gonna get through this without God involved!!!  We thank you for support and prayers!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Doctors Appt.

An update from the last post of Kaylynn being sick.  David stayed home with her Monday and her fever broke.  She was really good the rest of the week.  Until Friday. Friday she started with either a cold or allergies.  Coughing, sneezing and runny/stuffy nose.  But seems to still be in good spirits.  So it hasn't really bogged her down.  She plays and plays. 

Now just waiting on Sept 11th for the ear specialist.  Keep her in your prayers please!

**Also, without going into alot right now, need prayers also for my Mom.  She is very ill and is not well.  She went to Geisinger for a 2nd opinion, but even they aren't getting to things fast enough.  She can't do anything anymore.  Pale, lost 20+ pounds, cold all the time, no appetite, don't eat anything, dizzy, etc....the list goes on and on.  She has another ultrasound on her thyroid again tomorrow. Please pray for her also! She can barely function and we are all very concerned!! Thanks!!!**

This and That

These got out of order. Grrrr.....I do not like this new way to blog.  Anyway here are some pictures of Kaylynn. 
Trying to put her shoes on.
 Helping Daddy sweep the Kitchen.

 Rocking out in her jammies.
 Her swimming pool blowing away with a thunderstorm that was rolling in.
 David running to get it. LOL!!!!!
 Sitting in Mommy's chair she got for her 1st birthday. (soon gonna be 31 years ago, yikes!!)
 I can use a fork, when I WANT to.
 Hands are faster!!

Playing with her kitchen. (Again, was Mommy's and her Sisters' from like 25 years ago!!)