Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Round of Chemo Done!

Quick update on Mom.  She ended her 7 day 24hrs a day chemo today around 11am.  They discharged her from the hospital to the Hope Lodge.  We are all ver discouraged that they would send her there.  That puts more on them to do.  Go grocery shopping and have to cook all their meals in a shared kitchen there, Dad has to take her temp all the time, he has to flush her lines, etc.  I think that is awful they wouldn't keep someone in the hospital after all this treatment!!  She will be doing outpatient care as long as nothing happens like a fever, etc. for at least the next week.  At that point they will check the bone marrow again to see where she's at.  If there isn't any bad cells, she will be considered in remission.  If not they will tell her then either to do more chemo, or opt of a bone marrow transplant.  I pray to GOD that she will be cancer free!!! I pray every second I can! 

They are worried about so much and on top of it all my Dad really needs to go back to work next week.  But Mom's will be in Hershey plus she is to have someone with her 24hrs a day.  So they are very upset about that too.  No money coming in.  Mom's sick.  2 hours away from home. The list goes on and on.  I keep telling them to take it one day at a time but that is easier said than done.  My Mom said My Dad is gonna have a heart attack.  So I worry about both of them. I feel so helpless.  I wish I could make this all go away.  I set up Skype so we can do that with them out there, which helps slightly.  She saw Kaylynn tonight and she was crying.  I felt horrible.  All she wants is to be better and come home to love up her 3 grandkids.  We all want the same!!  I beg you, please keep the prayers coming!!! Thanks!!

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