Thursday, September 6, 2012


Please add my Mother and our family to your prayer lists/chains!  She has been very sick for a few months.  Back in July she had heart surgery to help the heart arrhythmia they had found.  Ever since then she has progressively been worse.  She has lost alot of weight, has no color, not eating, no appetite, dizzy, etc. They told her it was then her thyroid.  Which is what they keep checking now for at least the last month. Well, she finally got bad enough she finally went to the ER. Once she got there they said she was anemic.  A few hours later they said she had Leukemia.  They did a blood transfusion and antibiotics, and a second blood transfusion the next morning.  They also did a bone marrow sample yesterday and didn't get the results of that until today.  She was told she has Acute Leukemia.  And now we are waiting for a bed to open up at Hershey Medical Center.  Then she is stable enough that my Dad can take her there.  And she will be receiving treatment for 4 to 6 weeks. Beyond that we know nothing.

We are all scared, devastated and in shock right now.  And her being 2 hours away is going to be SO HARD!!!  I will try to keep this updated as much as time allows.  I didn't even get to see Kaylynn tonight. I got home after she went to bed.  But I ask that people continue to pray because we are not gonna get through this without God involved!!!  We thank you for support and prayers!

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