Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trip to Hershey

Well another safe trip to and from Hershey.  Anyone that knows me how much I hate to travel.  I get such terrible anxiety!  Anyway, we made it! :)

  Mom only is getting antibiotics right now.  She has a bone marrow test scheduled for Monday to see where she is at.  And it all falls on the results of that test.  PRAYING that all will be good and she can at least go home and do follow up care here at home.  Her spirits seemed to be up today.  Yesterday the nurses gave her a book with scarves, hats and wigs in it.  They have been after her to cut off her long hair since she's been out there.  She has lost some, but not alot.  So today was the day.  I cut her hair as much as I could and then buzzed/shaved it all off.  (the nurses had the clippers)  I was so afraid she would cry, but she didn't.  I felt like I couldn't breath for a minute and my hands were numb.  She immediately put one of the hats on I got her.  Dad said "I thought for sure you'd cry."  She said "Why?" It's part of the process I guess."  True.  Still not easy, but true.  I took before and after pics on my phone.  She asked me to see them because she was afraid to look in the mirror.

So we talked and laughed.  Had a good visit.  Didn't want to leave.  I know she said she is dreading the bone marrow test.  I don't blame her.  I am surprised she hasn't been sick other than the sore throat and sores in her mouth.  Things have come a long way!  Continue the prayers please! Thanks! God hears them!!

Also, since she will be back and forth between the hospital and the Hope Lodge, I am asking any cards be given to me, or sent to her home address and we will see that she gets them when we go on the weekends:

Renee Robbins
1107 State Home Rd.
Montgomery, PA 17752

Thanks again!

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