Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hershey Bound

Mom and Dad finally got on their way to Hershey at 12:07pm today.  They came home to pack a few things and for us to see them off.  It was extremely hard.  I gathered the family and had a word of prayer. We cried histerically, but I had to do it.  (She just called to say they made it and they are there 12:17pm)  When she was hugging us to leave she said I'm gonna fight because I wanna live to see my grandkids grow up! I hugged her again and told her I sooo needed to hear that before she left.  It's hard that it's only them and they are 2 hours away. I contine to ask for prayer for her, my Dad, the Doc's and nurses and all of us left at home.

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