Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kaylynn's Surgery

Kaylynn FINALLY got ear tubes put in today.  David had to take her since I have no vacation left.  They had to be there at 6:45am.  She was the first surgery of the day.  She was fine when the nurse took her back.  It was 15 minutes later when she came out screaming....the nurse told DAvid when it was done she went from fast asleep out- to instant screaming and crying.  She did that all the way home.  He frantically called me looking for the tylenol since she can't have ibuprofen.  He said he laid her down but she was still histerical.  Finally found the tylenol, got it in her and sh fell asleep.  After she woke up she seemed pretty good the rest of the day.  Back to herself.  David said she ate like crazy all day though. :)  He even made my day and surprised me at lunch with a visit!!  I was so glad to see my baby! Picked up Ciprodex drops for her ears if fluid leaks out gotta put these drops in.  No water in her ears for a week.  We have a follow up on Oct 1st.  Hope this works! :)

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