Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keep the Prayers Coming!

Mom is on Day 4 of chemo.  Her hair is already falling out.  My Dad is coming home today.  My sisters are going out there.  My sister Tonya is gonna stay there.  Then tomorrow (hopefully) we are gonna go out and then we will bring my sister home.  But I either have allergies or a touch of a cold going on and if it's the same tomorrow I can't go.  I WANT TO SO BAD to see her!! But, I definitely DO NOT want to get her sick either! The Doctor said the chemo is working. (Not sure how they know, maybe blood work they keep doing?)  She has had several blood transfusions and platelets.  Please keep the prayers coming!!  Thanks!!

Friends, Now that my Parents are in Hershey, I want everyone, I mean EVERYONE I can get, to send cards and if your able maybe gift cards, gas cards or money to try and help. (I know alot of people don't to send or give cash) please pass this on and I will keep re posting this. Also, please no flowers or fresh fruit, she CANNOT have them around her due to pesticides! Thanks!
Renee Robbins 
Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
500 University Park Drive
Hershey, PA 17033
Rom #6139

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