Sunday, September 30, 2012

Always Something

Yesterday Kaylynn and I had a busy, big day.   I went to see if this one place I went to last year at the Watsontown Yard sales was having one, but no, they weren't. (The lady had twin girls and I got her a ton of clothes for a steal)  So, back home I went.  I skipped them because my Mom and I always go and I didn't feel right going without her.  Then after lunch and Kaylynn's nap we set off to a friend from work's wedding.  It was nice and she looked beautiful.  We only stayed for the wedding since I had told her to take us off coming to the reception since at the time I didn't know what would be going on with my Mom. And here is where the "It's aways something" part comes in.
 After Kaylynn dumped the bubbles we blew at them all down me, we headed off to the car.  When I threw her diaper bag in, this foamy stuff went all over the side of her car seat. I was like "What is that?!" Looked and it was ALL over in the diaper bag. I thought, it's shaving cream!! Who would do that??!!  As I get a closer look, it was not shaving cream, but sunscreen foaming lotion that is in her bag.  Little Miss was messing with it during the ceremony and must  have got the cap off so when I was carrying it to the car it must have been pressing the button.  It was EVERYWHERE! What a mess!  Just another notch on the Mommy belt I suppose! :)

 After that we did some running and making stops then back home to change and go to Deonna's 4th birthday party.  We had a big fun filled day!  Today I feel extremely guilty for not going to see my Mom.  She has appt's every other day and has appt's right now through this week, then not sure what's happening.  I know they told her on day 30 she needs another bone marrow test.  My Dad is coming home today to go back to work this week.  My Aunt Gina is staying the week with her.  I hope things continue to fall into place!!

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